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Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

All eye shapes look beautiful. However, bigger eyes are generally attractive, and make you look younger. It is a fact that not all of us have big eyes, and there is nothing much we can change about that.

But, fortunately, in the present day world, even if you wish to make your small eyes look bigger, you can always create such an illusion through good makeup tricks. So, to help you out, we have compiled a few makeup tricks that can make your eyes appear larger and more awake.

Maintain Shapely Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the ones that define your eyes. Therefore, it is important to keep them well-groomed, as they make all the difference. Get them well trimmed to give them a natural-looking shape as, if they are unruly, your eyes will appear smaller.

When shaping your eyebrows, follow the natural shape of your eyes. Eyebrows that are bold and thick attract attention to the eyes. If you wish to make your brows appear fuller, brush them with a clear brow mascara. Ensure that you don't over-tweeze your brows, as it can make you look older.

Ensure That Your Eyes Don't Appear Tired

You can only make your eyes appear larger, if your eyes are healthy and awake. For gorgeous eyes, everyday care is of utmost importance. So, to prevent your eyes from appearing tiny, you first should focus on certain factors that may cause puffiness around the eyes.
For example, try to get enough sleep, ensure that you wash your face with cold water often, reduce salt intake, place used cold teabags or cucumber to tighten the skin around the eyes to prevent tiredness.

Cover Up The Dark Circles

Even if you are born with big eyes, the dark circles under your eyes will make your eyes look smaller and tired. Although there are several natural ways to remove dark circles, one way to cover up dark circles instantly is to use a concealer. Concealer does the job of brightening up that particular area of the skin. Use an illuminating concealer. Ensure that you choose a slightly lighter shade than your foundation to enhance your look. For majority of the women, shades of orange, peach, and coral work well.

Use Mascara The Right Way

Mascara is helpful in making small eyes appear bigger, as it helps open up your lashes. First, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Then, use the mascara to give you a wide awake feel. To give that big eyes appearance, ensure that you curl the lashes closer to the roots. If you warm the curlers up with a blow dryer before use, the curl will last longer.

Use Eyeliner Smartly

Eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger in more ways than one. However, you need practice to get the perfect trick that works best for you. Try applying the eyeliner only on the outer half of your lash line. You can apply the eyeliner to just the lower lash line, or both upper and lower, depending on the shape of your eye.

Another tip to be noted here is to understand that black kajal only gives a smaller definition to your eyes. Instead, try using a white eye pencil or a nude pencil on your lower lash line, which is more ideal for the Indian skin tone. This will give a bigger appearance to the whites of your eyes.

Few Eyeshadow Tips For Bigger Eyes

Eyeshadow can add a dramatic effect to the shape of your eyes. Makeup professionals usually focus on the middle section of the eyelids for eyeshadow and blend it outwards towards the edges, as doing so can make your eyes appear wider.

Apply a nude eyeshadow with matte finish first, and then go in for coloured eyeshadow to top it up. This is because the nude shade will form the right base, making the coloured eyeshadow stand out.

When using the eyeshadow, use a lighter shade in the inner corners of your eyelids. Go in for colours that complement your natural eye colour. Always stick to lighter shades. Another option is to dab a bit of white shadow in the inner corners of your eyes and check if it can give your eyes a larger appearance.

Shimmer The Inner Corners

To add more light to the inner corners of your eyes, you can add a bit of shimmer, so that it draws focus on that area of the eyes, giving a larger feel. However, keep shimmer to the minimum and don't overdo it.

Few More Handy Tips:

• Don't use dark shades, instead, use soft browns on the folds.
• Don't overdo the eyeliner or eyeshadow.
• Use natural eye masks regularly to prevent puffiness.
• Using mascara is important, as full lashes give the appearance of a wider look. You can choose to use false lashes too, if you like.
• If you have an eye irritation, get that treated first, and check with an ophthalmologist if it is alright to use makeup on your eyes.

Well, we have shared with you some best tips to make your eyes appear bigger. So, the next time you have had a tired day at office and have to head out to a party straight, you know what to do, isn't it?

Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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