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    Eye Makeup Tips And Tricks For A Perfect Look

    By Riddhi Roy

    Whether you are a newbie at makeup or a professional, we can all agree that eye makeup is the trickiest part of doing makeup. It takes a lot of practice and patience to be able to perfect eye makeup.

    A lot of girls we know are scared of venturing into trying out eyeshadows because they just don't know how. If done right, eye makeup is not that difficult at all. It just requires a lot more patience than your other makeup.

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    Consider it an art, and remember that art takes time. At least the good ones do. And just like art, you need to have the right tools for it. With the correct tools and a good amount of practice, you too can be great at eye makeup.

    Now, without further ado, here are some tips to make your eye makeup shine and pop.

    1. Prep Your Lids:

    We all have tried to put on eyeshadow on bare lids and realized that it just does not look good. Prepping your lids is extremely important, as it determines the pigment, the longevity and how well your makeup blends too.
    For this, you will have to firstly ensure that all traces of makeup and creams are removed from your eyelid, and then you will have to use an eyeshadow primer. You can even prime your lids using a concealer. Cover both your lids with the product and blend it out. You will notice that your eyelids look more even, which is key to making the eyeshadow or eyeliner to show through.

    2. Base:

    Once you have applied the primer or concealer, set the area with a nude pressed eyeshadow colour. This will prevent the concealer from creasing and make your eye makeup pop even further. Apply the base all over your lids using a fluffy brush. It creates a flawless canvas for all your other colours to go on top of.

    3. Crease:

    Use a matte, warm taupe kind of shade on your crease as a transition shade. This acts like a kind of contour shade for your eyelids. Never use a shimmer shade on the crease, as this will only make your eyelid look smaller. Be sure to blend it well using a blending brush, as with eye makeup, patience and blending is key.

    4. For Winged Eyeliner:

    Some people find it easier to draw a winged eyeliner using gel eyeliner, while some find it easier to go for liquid liners. So, play around and find what suits you. Make sure your brush is very thin, so that you can pick if you want the wing to be thin or thick, which is not possible to do if you use a very thick brush.
    We prefer matte liquid liners as opposed to the glossy kinds. You can use an eyelid primer underneath your eyeliner as well, to increase its longevity. Another thing to remember is to always go for a waterproof formulation.

    5. Eyebrows:

    Gone are the days when super thin eyebrows were in trend. Filled in, big eyebrows are the thing now. Be sure to have an eyebrow product handy. This can be a pencil, powder or pomade. We find eyebrow powders to give the most natural finish. Trust us, you'll know the difference eyebrows can make to your face once you start filling in your eyebrows.

    6. Brushes:

    When it comes to eye makeup, the tools are the most important aspect. So, make sure you have all the right brushes. Not blending your eye makeup properly can make it look muddy and patchy. Eye makeup that is not blended well is more likely to fade during the day. The brushes you need are, a flat brush for packing pigment on to your eyes, this brush is best used to pack on shimmer on to your eyelids. A tapered or fluffy blending brush is used for blending purposes. Eyeshadow needs to be blended properly, so that all the colours merge together in order avoid any harsh lines from forming.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 10:45 [IST]
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