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    How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Rainy Weather

    By Riddhi Roy

    Our feet are often the most ignored parts of our bodies. And yet they seem to be the most hard working. We often forget to give attention to our feet because we feel like nobody cares enough to look at the feet. This leaves the feet looking dirty and dead, full of dead skin and flakes.

    Would you believe it if we told you that a lot of people make an impression of you after looking at your feet? Now, if your feet look dirty and unhygienic, this gives a very wrong message. So, we will tell you some tips on how to take care of your feet and keep them looking nice at all times.


    The rainy season is often the harshest for our feet because all the mud and water keep touching our feet. The dirt can even settle into our cracked heels. So, today, we will be telling you on how to ensure that your feet keep looking and feeling good all year round.

    1. Soak: Every once in a while, try giving yourself a foot soak for deep level cleansing of your feet. A soak is best done in warm water. You can add some kind of shower gels or anything else you like to make the soak smell good. Soak your feet for about ten to fifteen minutes, so that the skin softens. Keep reinserting your feet into the soak as the steps go by.

    2. Cuticles: Cuticles are bits of dead skin that appear from the base of your finger nails or toe nails. They are most often seen on toe nails because of how much we tend to ignore our feet. With fingers, we tend to notice as and when cuticles appear and we push them back. For this, you will need a wooden cuticle stick to help push back your cuticles. Your dead skin will have softened already due to the soaking of your feet, so it will be easy to push back the cuticles and remove them in doing so.

    3. Dead Skin: Next, you have to focus on removing the dead skin. Just like your face, your feet would too accumulate dead skin, sometimes a lot more than your face does, since the skin on the feet is a lot tougher and thicker. Now, the skin on the face gets regular attention, since we all cleanse, tone and moisturise it at least twice a day, and we also stick to regular exfoliation, ridding the face of dead skin.

    But when it comes to the feet, we don't do all this that often. For this, you would need a brush with soft bristles to gently brush away the dead skin cells to reveal a softer foot. Believe us, when you're done, your feet will be softer than you've ever known them to be.

    4. Cut Your Nails: Just like every other aspect of the feet, the nails too are ignored, while the finger nails get all the attention and look pretty all the time. This isn't just for the sake of looking pretty, but also for hygiene. If you do not cut the nails on your feet, they will accumulate dirt from walking around all day, and in extreme conditions, this can also lead your feet to start smelling horrible.

    5. Use A Foot Scrub: Earlier, you had used a brush to get rid of the rough and scaly skin on your heels. Using a scrub is for the top of your feet, since a brush can be a bit too harsh for the skin there. You can use any kind of a scrub you like, but we find menthol-based scrub to be the best for the feet, as they give a cooling sensation when applied. Gently scrub the skin for a few minutes and then go back to soaking the feet.

    6. Mask: A foot mask is optional but definitely a must if you want to go the extra mile in taking care of your feet. This will give deep moisturisation to your feet, which is always a good idea, since we do not spend as much time moisturising our feet as we do for the rest of the body. Leave this mask on for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash it off. Your feet would look and feel as smooth as new.

    And that's all you have to do to take care of your feet in any weather.

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