Amazing Benefits Of Egg For Hair Growth

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Having lustrous, voluminous hair is a dream for many. Where many have good hair naturally, some struggle to have healthy and long hair in spite of several treatments, use of extensive hair care products, etc.

Hair loss and brittle hair can be a nightmare. Having to see clumps of hair fallen everywhere can be quite depressing. No one wishes to lose their perfect locks. However, over time, it has been found that one simple ingredient, which most household kitchens surely have, can be the best solution to prevent hair loss and brittle hair. Eggs are the answer to all your hair-related issues.

Benefits Of Egg For Hair Growth

Eggs have been linked to preventing hair loss and are also considered as an ingredient that aids hair growth.

Eggs Can Do Wonders To Your Hair

Being a power-house of proteins, B-complex vitamins and minerals, eggs are considered to possess important hair care nutrients. The nutrients present in eggs, especially B-complex vitamins and biotin, possess the ability to curb hair loss. It works by strengthening the roots of the hair. Eggs are nutritious for the hair health, as it can stimulate new hair growth along with the addition of volume and thickness to the hair. Protein content of the egg strengthens the hair and the fat part conditions it. This enables the improvement of hair texture.

Benefits Of Egg For Hair

Although, the idea of your head smelling of egg could turn you off, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider the application of raw eggs to your hair. Read on to know about the most impressive hair health benefits that eggs are capable of providing.

1. Promotes hair growth
Known as the "hair food", eggs are abundant in proteins and other nutrients. Healthy growth of new hair is promoted with the nutrients boosting the rate at which the hair grows.

2. Prevention of hair loss
Eggs strengthen the hair roots. Application of eggs onto the hair stimulates the scalp and also nourishes it.

3. Improvement of hair elasticity
Egg yolks are considered to possess a lot of lutein. This is effective in hydrating the hair very well and it also improves the elasticity.

4. Curbs breakage of hair
Brittle hair can be treated with the presence of lutein that is present in egg yolks. Eggs are known to curb breakage of hair. They also improve the hair texture and remove split ends.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of eggs for good health of the hair, the protein that is present in egg whites nourishes the hair to a great extent and it gives your hair a natural shine. For people with damaged hair, application of egg can do wonders.

Hair tends to get damaged when exposed to pollution and direct sun. Also, repeated use of chemical-rich hair products along with hair straightening, curling, etc., could leave most of your hair damaged.

So, if you really do not wish to chop off your damaged hair, then eggs could definitely come to your rescue. Hair is 70 percent protein and the protein in the eggs is capable of rebuilding the damaged keratin gaps that are formed in the structure of the damaged hair. This would be able to treat and heal damaged hair.

Understanding Which Part Of The Egg Actually Serves To Be The Best Hair Health Booster

Considering your hair type is essential when determining which part of the egg would be beneficial in giving you good hair health. In general, women who tend to have oily hair should use the egg whites for their hair, while women who have dry hair should use the egg yolks.

Using Egg White For Healthy Hair

Considered the richest source of protein, egg whites also contain minerals such as riboflavin, niacin, potassium, magnesium and sodium. All these minerals are known to assist the growth of hair. People who have oily hair tend to use egg whites. This enables in controlling excess oil production from the scalp and, at the same time, it provides ample nourishment to the hair.

However, the white part of the egg does not contain as much conditioner for the hair as the yellow part of the egg actually contains.

Using The Egg Yolk For Healthy Hair

Although lesser than the egg white, the egg yolk also contains an ample amount of protein. The egg yolks are also rich in B-complex vitamins and folic acid. Presence of this makes eggs referred to as "hair food". The presence of fat in the egg yolks makes it a good conditioner for the hair, especially for dry hair.

The Whole Egg

Although, both the white and the yolk are rich sources of protein, the white part is more nutritious. So, if you do not have exactly an oily or particularly a dry hair type, you can choose to reap the benefits of both the egg white and the egg yolk. Using the entire egg is ideal for women with hair type that is normal or of a combination type.

Preparing An Egg Mask That Can Enhance Hair Growth And Also Prevent Hair Loss

Take one or two whole eggs (depending on your hair length), whisk the egg(s) along with olive oil. Apply this beaten egg to your hair. Cover your entire hair with this mixture. Leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash the hair with cool water.

Do not use hot water to wash off the mixture, as this will prevent the elimination of the smell of egg from your hair. After washing, condition your hair and let it dry out naturally. You can choose to treat your hair this way at least once or twice a week.

This form of hair mask is highly effective, as it allows the maintenance of oil balance in your scalp. It improves the hair texture by nourishing the hair shafts and roots.

With eggs being one of the ingredients that is readily available and surely one which almost all kitchens will have, you will not need to hunt for products that will have magical effects on your hair. Eggs can be highly effective in enhancing hair texture and promoting hair growth, along with preventing hair loss.

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