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    Beauty Secrets Of Celebrities You Didn’t Know

    Sometimes we wonder how celebrities maintain their forever flawless look. What makes their skin glowing and spotless, and how they maintain lustrous and beautiful hair. Is it makeup, or do they really manage their skin and hair well using certain conventional or unconventional methods? Are you also one of those who wish for such perfect looks?

    If you are, let us take you through the beauty secrets of some of the celebrities. But beware, you may be awed, amazed and astonished as you read on, since some of the tricks may be worth trying on yourself and some may be unusual and strange. Nevertheless, go ahead and read.

    Beauty Secrets Of Celebrities

    Catherine Zeta Jones – Pours Beer For Hair

    The ageless beauty, Catherine Zeta Jones, is known for her lustrous hair. Well, how does she keep it that way? She swears to using beer as a shampoo for her lustrous and soft locks. Beer is rich in protein that helps nourish and strengthen hair and vitamin B which makes the hair shiny.

    The method to use beer on hair is very simple. Simply pour beer over your hair, through the roots, and let it stay on for at least 3-5 minutes. After that, rinse off the hair with cold water for a lovely shine. There is a side effect of using beer on hair though, which is the stench that could start coming from your hair. To get rid of the smell, use a fragrance-based conditioner. That’s it! Your hair will have a lovely shine, soft texture and clean look.

    Rachel Bilson – Petroleum Jelly For Removing Makeup

    You read that right! Rachel Bilson has a knack of using petroleum jelly as a makeup remover. From regular to waterproof makeup, petroleum jelly is good for each type. It is brilliant, especially for sensitive skin.

    Just applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your makeup, using a cotton swab, could help you easily remove it, especially the stubborn lip and eye makeup.

    Kate Hudson – Ice Water For Skin

    This is a wonderful method that Kate Hudson follows regularly for a fresh, young looking and smooth skin. She uses ice water to get rid of dullness on her skin and to literally wake up her skin!

    The extreme cold temperature of ice or ice water tends to help smoothen complexion by easing wrinkles, dullness and fat cells and by enhancing the overall blood circulation that helps reduce blemishes or marks.

    Demi Moore – Leeches For Detox

    As bizarre as it sounds, it is true! Demi Moore does admit to let leeches suck her blood so that it is detoxified. The idea behind leech therapy is to promote the blood flow and get rid of clots in the blood, if any.

    It is interesting to note, this therapy has been used since the ancient times in Egypt. For any sort of treatments related to skin diseases, abnormal nervous system issues, infections, dental problems, etc., the leech therapy has been a known and practised therapy in Egypt. Being an inexpensive method, it has been most popular as well.

    Katie Holmes – Placenta Cream For Face

    Well, Katie Holmes is habitual of using placenta cream for her face, because it helps increase the moisture levels as well as collagen in her skin. Apparently, masks including various natural ingredients and human placenta are also popular as anti-ageing methods.

    Apart from moisturizing the skin, these masks are known to make the skin firmer, acne-free and cured of any damages caused due to external skin treatments. Placenta cream is helpful in preventing flaky, dry, itchy, scaly and dull skin and promotes a softened and irritation-free skin with a lovely texture.

    Cindy Crawford – Milk For Face

    Milk has numerous health benefits to offer. But, do you know, it also has beauty-related advantages? Well, we could look at Cindy Crawford as a proof of that! Cindy uses milk as a regular feature in her beauty regime for the lovely looking, moisturized, healthy and soft skin.

    If you plan to use milk therapy on your face, simply apply raw milk all over you face and neck, keep it on for at least 10-15 minutes, before you wash it off with cold water. Additionally, you could use milk to prepare a face pack by mixing it with lemon juice and honey for a fairer, softer and flawless skin. The presence of lactic acid in milk makes it a brilliant remedy for reducing pigmentation, healing dry or dull skin caused due to sunburn or tan, hydrating and getting rid of acne or pimples.

    Victoria Beckham – Bird Poop For Face

    Another peculiar beauty regime that Victoria Beckham (and David Beckham too!) follows, is the application of bird poop on her face. For her glowing complexion, devoid of any acne or marks, she owes to the bird poop-specific facials (nightingale mostly) that she regularly undergoes.

    It is a popular belief in many cultures that if a bird poops on you, you are in for good luck or some good things are coming your way for sure. And, bird poop for good skin can be termed as a part of good luck too since it enhances your overall look and personality and thereby your confidence.

    Well, the reason that bird poop can be a fantastic facial ingredient, is the presence of uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings) that makes it so wonderful. It is known to help heal and brighten the skin, while making it soft and healthy.

    It is interesting how these celebrities vouch for and stick to these beauty regimes, and how they get benefitted from them. If you feel upto it and wish to use any of these beauty methods, go ahead!

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    Story first published: Sunday, August 26, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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