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7 Ways To Curl Your Hair Naturally At Home

Soft and lustrous curls are the desire of most women. Irrespective of whether you are the modern woman or are a traditional beauty, beautiful curls is what you'd want.

And in order to get there, you may have tried all the different forms of curling irons and setting gels possible. You may have spent a hefty sum of money in beauty and hair treatments as well.

All of those may have not just taken a toll on the shine of your hair but also may have paved the way for dandruff, flaky scalp, split ends, hair fall and number of other hair-related problems.

At some point in your life, the presence of so many hair problems arising out of your styling and hair curling might have even lead you give up on your dreams of curls altogether, isn't it?

However, the silver lining here is the fact that you can get those beautiful curls from the comfort of your homes without compromising on the health of your hair. This article tells you seven such easy ways in which you can achieve curls in a natural way.

7 Ways to Curl you Hair Naturally

1. Scrunching

• Scrunching is one of the easiest techniques by which you can get beautiful curls at home. Take a voluminising shampoo and wash your hair with it just like you would normally do. First, detangle your hair and then take a small quantity of your regular conditioner and apply it to the ends of your hair.

• Once that is done, rinse your hair thoroughly. Make sure that this is done well and no residue is left behind. In order to dry your hair, squeeze out the water by using a towel.

• Take a pea-sized amount of nourishing hair cream and scrunch your hair with it. Make your hands move like you are crushing a sheet of paper. Move upwards as you go about with it. A special point to be noted here is that you must take special care to ensure that the hair cream that you use should not get too close to the roots. Doing so might trigger hair fall.

2. Headband Method

• Slip a headband over your damp hair. Take combed sections of your hair and gently wrap them in your head band until all your hair is inside the band. If you still find some loose hair coming out, secure the same with hair clips. Leave the same undisturbed for a couple of hours.

• Once the hair has dried, open the hair pins and untangle your hair. You will be left with soft and beautiful curls.

3. Velcro Rollers

• Section your damp hair into parts and clip it upwards. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, make 2 to 5 such parts.

• Take each part and roll the hair upwards, till the rollers are snugly fit against the scalp. These rollers do not need hairpins. In case you find that the clips are not sitting, it is either because you have taken too much hair or because your rollers are too old and have worn out with usage. Thus, go ahead and try using it with a little lesser amount of hair. If that does not work out, consider replacing your velcro rollers with newer ones.

• Leave the rollers on your hair for a couple of hours. Once your hair has dried completely, feel free to take it off and enjoy your naturally curled hair (that was achieved without subjecting it to any heat and steam)

4. Paper Towel Method

• Take paper towels and fold them to pieces that are 4 to 5 inches in length and about an inch in width. Prepare 10 to 12 such pieces.

• Damp your hair and wrap the ends (in places where you want curls) with those paper towel pieces. Then roll the hair covered in paper towels upwards in the direction of the scalp. Go ahead and secure the same with hair clips. Leave it on or about 30 to 40 minutes. You will be left with soft and beautiful curls later.

5. Sock Method

• Take hair that is 80% dry and pull it to a high ponytail and secure it tight.

• Take a clean, old sock and cut its toes off to create a hole. Get the entire bunch of your tied up hair through this. Wrap the hair around the socks from the end and start rolling it upwards towards the scalp. Once the same sits snugly on the scalp, secure it with bobby pins. Leave it undisturbed for an hour.

• Undo the sock bun after a couple of hours and comb your hair like you would normally do. Your curls are ready.

6. Twist And Curl

• Wash your hair the way you would normally do and then dry it with a soft towel. Comb it thoroughly and then make a center parting.

• Take the two sections and twist each of them until it resembles a tight coil. Make sure that your coil is tightly secured with the hair clips. Leave the clips overnight and you will find yourself waking up to soft and beautiful curls.

7. Braiding

• As with most other processes in the list, wash your hair clean before you start braiding. When your hair is 70% dry, part your hair in the middle and go ahead with the braiding. Depending on the type of curls that you want, you must choose the appropriate type of braids. Ensure that your braids are tight. This will make sure that your hair does not have frizzes when you ultimately open the braid.

• Once you are absolutely sure that your hair is cent per cent dry, you can choose to open the braid. For long-lasting and beautiful curls, you can leave the braids overnight and undo the same in the morning. Once that is done, you can finger comb your hair for the look of your choice.

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