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    5 Creative Ways To Use Contact Lens Solution For Makeup

    The 'no make-up' look is the latest trend, and it is here to stay. There is a lot of demand for skin care products that make our skin appear flawless effortlessly. But, unfortunately, the results are not easy to achieve. Proper skin care is vital in pulling off the 'natural' look. But, due to the fast-paced lifestyle that we lead today, we do not have much time to invest in a leisurely skin care regimen. Therefore, we depend on make-up to conceal flaws and make our skin appear natural, while on the go.

    Luckily, most make-up brands today, combine make-up with skin care to make your morning routine easier. A single cream packs sunscreen, foundation and moisturiser. So, after using the cream, you just have to use mascara, eyeliner, or a lipstick and you are set to go anywhere.

    Using Contact Lens Solution For Makeup

    But, wait! We are not finished yet. Along with these minimal make-up essentials, you may have to keep one more useful and magical thing handy in your make-up kit. Yes, we are talking about contact lens solution. Wondering what contact lens solution has got to do with make-up? Read on to find out.

    Why Use Lens Solution For Make-Up?

    We agree with you that lens solution is basically used to just clean and hydrate contact lenses. But, when you need to make minor corrections to your make-up products, contact lens solution comes in handy for that too. For instance, it deserves a place in your make-up kit for the following simple reasons:

    - If you have messed up when applying an eyeliner, just remove the excess with a cotton ball soaked in the solution.

    - Want to remove your eyeshadow, but have no time to wash your face? Just soak a cotton ball in the solution and wipe it off.

    - It can also be used to re-hydrate a dried up brow product to get those perfect brows.

    - Contact lens solution can be used in eye make-up products without hesitation, as the solution is already made safe enough to be used on eye lenses.

    How To Use Contact Lens Solution For Make-up?

    Having known about the various ways in which to use the lens solution, we hope you are now convinced about having the solution handy with you for make-up reasons too. Now, here are 5 innovative ways in which you could use the lens solution for your make-up. Take a note.

    1. To fix dried up mascara

    Has your mascara turned dry and clumpy? It is indeed annoying if we have used the mascara for just one month and your tube has dried up. Mascara is an important make-up essential, and we cannot do without it, right? Generally, people add water or oil to get it back to consistency. But, this will mess up the application. Adding a lens solution will resuscitate your mascara instantly.

    How to use:

    Just add two or three drops of lens solution into your mascara tube. As the solution is more viscous than water, it can easily blend with mascara without making it too watery. What's more, it is safe for your eyes too! But, don't pump the wand in and out, as this may dry the formula even further by allowing the air to get in. Instead, swish it around gently, and it is ready to use.

    2. To intensify eyeshadow

    If you love to wear vivid and intense eye make-up, eyeshadows can be of help. However, unfortunately, the eyeshadows appear bright and vibrant only on the magazine covers. When you try the same for yourself at home, they fail to add vibrancy to your eyelids. But now, you can use the lens solution to brighten the colour of your eyeshadows.

    How to use:

    Just dampen your eyeshadow brush with the lens solution, and gently pat it over a clean tissue paper to remove any excess solution. Remember not to wet the brush too much as it will make your eyeshadows runny. The brush should only be slightly damp to pick up the product and pat it on your eyelid. You will instantly see an intense and brighter shade.

    3. Fixing flaky eyeliner

    If you are unable to achieve thin, precise and neat line with your eyeliner, the formula may have dried up or turned flaky. What do you do when you suddenly realize that your eyeliner has turned flaky? Just use the lens solution and create magic!

    How to use:

    Just revive the dried up eyeliner by adding 3 droplets of lens solution to the liquid eyeliner. Swish the bottle gently. Now you have moist, fresh, creamy eyeliner formula ready for an even spread on your eyes.

    4. To customize your eyeliner colours

    Do you love applying different eyeliner colours daily? If you love doing so, but, are concerned about the budget to purchase so many different coloured bottles, now there is an affordable solution in hand. Use your contact lens solution.

    How to use:

    Just mix a little of your favourite eyeshadow colour with few drops of contact lens solution in a clean container. Now, you have intense, bright coloured eyeliner ready for use. Works with any colour, green, blue, pink or black, you name it, you have it. Moreover, you can even use your waste or broken eyeshadow to prepare your coloured eyeliner, now that you know to use the lens solution for good, why waste it?

    5. To clean up waterline for application of Kajal

    Worried that your kajal appears dull or faded on your eyes? With a contact lens solution, you have a remedy for that too.

    How to use:

    Just dip a clean cotton bud in some contact lens solution. Run it along your waterline to clean it up perfectly before application of your kajal. But, remember to wait for a few seconds before applying the kajal, as the solution has to dry off completely from your eyes, to make the kajal show up brighter.

    So, now you have so many reasons to keep your contact lens solution handy in your make-up kit. Isn't it amazing? But, always remember to keep an eye on the lens solution manufacturing and expiry date, and always use the solution that is recommended by an ophthalmologist.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 2, 2018, 10:15 [IST]
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