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10 Lipstick Hacks You Should Definitely Know About

A bright lip shade on your lips can make you feel confident and ready to go. The most fashionable in-thing today is to be able to carry bold lip colours. Bright lipsticks have never been out of style, and hopefully will never be in the future.

If you love putting on makeup, then you surely cannot miss the most important part of adorning your lips. However, applying the right shade and applying it the right way plays a major role in how beautiful your lips look.

Lipsticks tend to fade or drain as time passes; this might require you to reapply it if you wish to have your lipstick on throughout the day. Proper lipstick application also requires a steady set of hands.

Nevertheless, lipstick is one such beauty product that no girl can miss having in her cosmetic bag. Knowing certain tricks on how to get the lip colour right will help you carry any lip shade confidently.

Mentioned below are the top 10 lipstick hacks that you should know about and follow to have great, bold lips all day.

How to apply lipstick Perfectly, ऐसे लगायें परफेक्ट लिपस्टिक | Boldsky

1. Prime Your Lips

If you begin to notice that as soon as you have applied the lipstick, it begins to stick to the dry areas on your lips, then it is time to know that you are missing out on one basic step of lipstick application. The lipstick if not applied right keeps piling up on the dry regions, making it look awful.

This gets quite impossible to then smoothen. To make your lips colour ready, do not miss out the priming process. Exfoliate your lips first by applying a lip scrub to remove the dead cells. Then, apply shea butter and let it sink in for a couple of minutes.

2. Using The Lip Liner

Apart from providing shape and sharp edges to your lips, lip liners also serve to provide a base for the lipstick. If you wish to give your lips a fuller look, then draw the lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line. Fill the whole lip. Also, using a clear lip liner to draw a line outside the coloured liner will ensure that no colour bleeds.

3. Lipstick Application Using Brush

Using the lipstick tube to apply the lipstick directly is easy when you wish to retouch while on the go, but it is not the best way to apply the lipstick. The lipstick should be applied using a small lip brush. This gives greater accuracy for the product application. Lipstick lasts longer and you also have more coverage.

4. Using Powder To Set

Using a powder to set your lipstick is similar to setting your foundation post application. It gives a matte finish look and also keeps the product in place. After applying the powder, apply another layer of the lipstick. Set using powder again and repeat. This process provides lipstick protection for hours.

5. Using A Concealer To Smoothen The Edges

After the application of the liner and the lipstick, you can use a concealer to fix any imperfection on the corners.

6. Using Lipstick As A Blush

Lipstick is actually a multi-tool. A versatile lipstick can show many functions. A right lip colour can also be applied to your cheeks as a blush. You would just need to dot and then blend it properly. Lipsticks can also be used as an eyeshadow. Apply in moderation. Build up more if required.

7. A DIY Lipstick Creation

If you are unable to find the perfect shade of lip colour, but have an eyeshadow close to the shade that you desire, you can simply prepare a lipstick shade of your own using the eyeshadow and some petroleum jelly. Take loose powder, maybe a broken eyeshadow, crush it if required and mix it in a bowl. To this, add petroleum jelly, depending on how much consistency you desire. If the colour is still not what you want, you can experiment further with the addition of other shades to it.

8. Prevent The Lipstick Marks From Staining The Glass

Especially during social occasions, you would see your lipstick marks on the glass that you used for a drink. This can get quite embarrassing at times. Keeping your glass lipstick-free is classy. The trick here is to lick the rim before you begin drinking. This would avoid the lipstick marks to stay. This happens because when you lick the rim, the water on the surface of the glass makes it a friction-free surface and hence the lipstick does not grip onto it when you drink from that glass. You can quickly wipe the glass with your napkin too, in order to make it sparkle again.

9. Using The Finger Blot

Lipstick marks on your teeth can get really annoying. Blotting your lipstick with a tissue helps you prevent this from happening, and we have seen plenty of women use this trick. Another fix to this issue is to wrap your lips around your finger and then slowly pull it out. The lipstick that would have otherwise transferred to your teeth would this way be wiped off by your finger. Your smile is flawless this way.

10. Choosing Two Shades Of Lipstick For A Fuller-looking Lip

You can choose two different shades of a lipstick and use the darker shade of the two to work inwards. Use a dark lip pencil to line up the lips first. Add the lighter shade at the center of the upper and lower lip. Then, blend the two shades together perfectly. Blot and then set with a powder. To make your lips look more popped out, add gloss or glitter to the center of the lips. The colour gradient created makes your lips get a visual illusion that makes them look more full and gorgeous.

The above-mentioned lipstick hacks can save you from embarrassing and annoying situations, especially when you are out in social meetings or gatherings. Knowing and working out on these lipstick hacks can be handy any day and also help you attain the perfect lips just the way you have always desired.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, 14:00 [IST]