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Vernal Equinox: Zodiac Signs To Be Affected By The Spring Equinox

By Ishi

The Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox 2022 falls on 20 March (Sunday). Along with that, it will also be a full moon, the third super moon of the year. The sun's transition into Aries will also happen on the same day. That is why the coming season is being called the Aries season.

As spring is known as the time of new beginnings, it is also going to impact all the 12 zodiac signs in one way or another. Let us see which zodiac signs are going to be affected the most and how.

Here are the predictions about the effects this celestial movement will have on all the zodiac signs.



This is the birthday season for most Aries. With the already burning enthusiasm in your heart, we would like to add to the happiness by announcing that this new season will bring a lot of positive energy in your lives. You will get new opportunities and projects, another chance to exhibit your talents.



We know you have been working hard since quite some time. Well, we would still advise you to keep up the good work, because when good time arrives, it is the hard work alone that sees success. With your work, you are getting closer to your goals. A promotion can be expected in the seasons coming.



The relationship-oriented sign Libra would want to spend some time with the family, especially their partners. Chances are there that this wish might get fulfilled. Singles might want to partner up. This season is a good time if you want to start something new. Be it financially or personally, being ambitious might prove good for you now.



In this new time which is known for fresh beginnings, you should plan some quality time with your own self. Spend some time home, as good times are ahead. You are going to focus on clearing the heart and reviving the energy within.

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