These Guys Will Have The Best Career This Year, As Per Their Zodiac Sign

There have been various predictions that are made for the year 2018. One such prediction is about having the best phase of career.

According to astrologers, there are certain zodiac signs which will see a significant career growth and there are those who would face the worst career phase this year too.

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Here, in this article, we revealing to you about the 3 lucky zodiac signs which will experience the best time in the career phase of the individuals belonging to the signs.

So, check on to find out if your zodiac sign is also mentioned here.



The coming 2 years seem to work in favour of this zodiac sign. This is due to the Saturn transition, wherein it has just entered its 2 and 1/2 year stay in the sign of Capricorn in the 10th house of honors, awards, and achievements, which hence will be experienced by this sign.


Aries (Cont’d)

These individuals will focus on who they are versus who they wish to be, and when they find the discrepancy to be too much, then they will do whatever is necessary this year to start correcting it and moving ahead. They need to be prepared to climb the ladder, even if their love life takes a back seat for a little while.

These Individuals Will Have The Worst Career This Year, According To Zodiac Sign



Having Saturn in their second house means that these individuals will probably begin the year with the need of lesson in budgeting. They will gain a more realistic approach to money and possessions. However, they need to learn about how they could invest their money in ways that they never had imagined.

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Sagittarius (Cont’d)

The chances of them getting rich are so good that the individuals gain a new sense of financial freedom by simply making use of what they have! They need to use their creativity to make money this year.



Since Saturn has left the 10th house of fame and honors, these individuals make massive progress in building their reputation in their career of choice. On the other hand, they need to stay focused on the projects that truly matter to them and also avoid bothering about smaller things that don't excite or bring them joy.

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Pisces (Cont’d)

Though these individuals feel as if the start of the year has been a bit slow for them, the second quarter of this year, around April, will see them taking things differently. Apart from this, they will also see that their interest in networking on a surface level begins to decrease, as they focus more on people with whom they can collaborate creatively.

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    Story first published: Thursday, February 8, 2018, 10:26 [IST]
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