Vehicles Of Shani Dev & Their Effects On The Zodiac


Shani Dev is known as the Lord of Justice. He is the Lord of planet Saturn. He decides the results of the past karmas of a man. While this support may bring immense success to a person, his negative effects may even ruin all in one go. However, many a time, the results achieved due to the effect of the planet Saturn depends upon the vehicle that he comes riding on, when he enters a zodiac. Shani Chalisa has mentioned seven vehicles of Shani Dev. However, they are nine in number. Here, we have mentioned all the vehicles that Shani Dev rides and what effects are made when he enters a zodiac riding these.


If the vehicle of Shani Dev is donkey, it is considered very inauspicious. It leads to many problems in the life of a person. He has to struggle a lot even for small things in life. Also success does not come that easily to him.

Vehicles Of Shani Dev


If a horse is the vehicle of Shani Dev, it is considered very auspicious. A horse is symbolic of progress. At this time the person possesses positive energy and through his intelligence emerges successful in defeating the enemies.


Elephant as the vehicle of Shani Dev is inauspicious. The person at his time does not achieve the desired results despite a lot of hard work. He must therefore practise patience at such times in life.


A bull as the vehicle of Shani Deva gives mixed results. Therefore, one must practise caution and take decisions meticulously. Mixed results means they can be favourable as well as unfavourable.


Lion as the vehicle of Shiva is considered auspicious. Lion is the embodiment of victory. Therefore, the person is benefited with strong will power, fearlessness and power. He emerges victorious in life at this time.


If Shani Dev enters a birth chart, seated on a jackal, it is considered highly inauspicious for the person. It leads to various types of ups and downs in his life leading to unhappiness and tensions. Desired results might not be achieved despite the best efforts. Hence, there is a need of caution and alertness in such times.


A crow as the vehicle of Shani Dev indicates lot of tensions in the life of the person. There are problems not only in the professional life, but the family life also is affected negatively. Tensions at home might disturb the peace of the person's mind, and the person might have to face many problems at work. Hence, one needs to keep calm.


Shani Dev riding a peacock is very auspicious. It leads to the fulfillment of all the desires of the person. Luck favours at such times and there are chances of financial progress. One gets duly rewarded for his/her hard work. Through one's intelligence and positive attitude, the person is able to handle even the most difficult of the situations arising at such a time. Shani Dev's blessings brings him success in all the spheres of life.


When Shani Dev is riding on a swan, he brings a lot of good things in life of the person. Swan is the most auspicious of all the vehicles of Shani Dev. All the pending tasks meet their target. All wishes are fulfilled and any kind of problems arising in future too, get vanished.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, May 15, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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