How Does Each Zodiac Sign Take Revenge?

Revenge is the purest form of emotion. It comes from deep within the heart. So, do you wish to cross-check on how each zodiac sign would get revenge on someone who has wronged them? Then, this article is perfect for you, as it reveals about the different ways on how each zodiac sign takes revenge.

The manner of revenge for each one of us differs and each zodiac sign has its unique style in which it takes revenge and understanding about these different patterns is important, as it helps you to know what is coming your way!

So, if you assume a Scorpion to be the most poisonous zodiac person, then you would be shocked to know about the various other zodiac signs and how they would take a revenge. Find out here.



This zodiac is owned by the planet Mars. These zodiac sign people neither wait or even resist to retaliate instantly to hit. When they are hurt, they are the worse people to deal with. Their mood swings make it impossible for any civilized person to have a general discussion. Phrases like "revenge is a dish best served cold" does not mean anything to an Aries.



These zodiac sign guys do not forget anything, especially about the things that must have hurt them. Their style of revenge is not seen immediately, as they tend to plan their actions in advance and act on them at the right time. So, do not expect things to be fine with them, as they would definitely take their revenge.



Geminis are extremely unpredictable. When they are hurt, they are definitely planning a revenge and a big one at that. But when the time comes to execute this wicked plan of theirs, they are not sure about taking their revenge at that very moment, as when the time comes, their priorities change. They will simply change their minds.



The people of this zodiac sign are considered to be the theme of taking revenge. They are generally known to be the most sentimental zodiac guys, but when it comes to revenge, they are ruthless. They fight like sharp swords and do not get quiet until their revenge is over. Plus, they feel no remorse.

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If you hurt them, they do not ignore it. Revenge of this zodiac is like a tsunami. When it subsides, it falls into small bits and pieces, which are difficult to collect. In other words, if a person is a victim of this zodiac sign's revenge, it is almost impossible to be friends ever again with them.



They make the person feel so pathetic about themselves that they would end up having an emotional breakdown. Their revenge is never a verbal fight, or violence or making fun of you in public, it is rather a very silent yet impressive one. It is the silent treatment that they follow.



This is a sign of justice. People of this zodiac mostly avoid conflicts and if they get into one, their temperament is controlled and they are never harsh. On the other hand, if they have a conflict with you, it does not end their trust in you for life. They cannot handle trouble well and hence it makes it worse by escalating the issue until the two of you are embroiled in a total war.



A hurt Scorpio can come out with its "stinger" and do some serious damage. They have a hard time forgiving, and their reaction to rejection is mostly venomous. For those who rub the wrong side of this zodiac, they better change their home or even the city/country/continent/planet! The different types of revenge from a Scorpio can be excruciating, methodical and endless.



The chances of their revenge are very less, as they do not like to take things personally. But if they are pushed/tested too much, then the other person needs to watch out as a strong reaction is expected.

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When they decide to take a revenge, they will do with methodical planning and minimal emotional involvement. These people can be brutal and hardly forgiving. They also tend to banish people from their lives forever when they have wronged them.



They are not very good with actual revenge. They distance themselves from those who hurt them. They are emotional people and carry the hate against people who have hurt them instead of taking a revenge.



When it comes to revenge, they can even think up to planning your death as their revenge. They are dicey and as a result, they take bad revenge. They ridicule the ones who hurt them and ensure that they suffer to the core.

So, what is your zodiac sign? Let us know in the comment section below.

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