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Are You A Born Leader? Know By Your Zodiac Sign!


Ever wondered how well you would perform if you were the leader of an army of soldiers? Or that of your own team at office or how great a leader you are when it comes to handling some function at home or hosting the guests? Well, all these questions actually point towards your leadership qualities.

Why some people are just so much like born leaders whereas others think it's not their cup of tea and do not like bothering that excessively about things. Based on your Sun sign, here is a list of zodiac signs that are born leaders and who have an aura of positiveness surrounding them all the time. Take a look.



Aries, the fire sign, undoubtedly occupies a place on the list. Arians have the Sun ruling their sign, which makes them confident and the doers in the group. They believe in change and possess all the courage that would be required even in bringing the biggest change. They are the possessors of high energy and are super active creatures of the earth. Once decided, they make every possible effort to turn their plans into a success.

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Stubborn and precise, Taureans might not like it when you use your brains when they think their ideas as a boss are better. This makes them a strict boss, whom you might have to fear. Trusting them with a responsibility would never be a wrong decision as your faith in them becomes a motivating factor for them. Hence, sometimes it is because of the social recognition that they want to prove their calibre as a great leader. Because they are ahead when it is about motivating and appreciating good work, they are also able to win the hearts of the group members easily enough.



How can we forget a Leo in the race for leadership? Leos, who are dominating by birth, have a wonderfully strong personality. They usually find it difficult to bear the dominance of others on them and dislike being controlled. That is another reason why they sometimes appear indisciplined despite being strict with themselves. Their adamant nature and strong willpower make them a perfect candidate for leadership. The more the problems in the way, the stronger a Leo emerges with a harder will to break.

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Librans, whom we can easily call the more organised class of the zodiac, are definitely great as leaders of the group. They are perfectionists whom you might not expect to possess many big opinions about things. But they have a point every time they speak. Since they are calm and fair in life, at work also they prefer to keep everybody comfortable. Their far-sightedness when combined with clear vision, serves the best as leadership prerequisites.

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Scorpios are straightforward people. Work is what matters the most to them, and probably that is the reason why they are also sometimes referred to as workaholics. Good work is what they really love and it is the perk of good results which makes them work a little longer. Scorpios sometimes seek appreciation in society and that is what becomes another drive for them to act like responsible leaders. Hence, they emerge as good leaders of the team.