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The Kind Of Student You Are Based On Your Zodiac


High time! Exams are around the corner and preparations are going high. Amidst the busy schedules when you might seldom find a break, we have brought a post that would take you just 2-3 minutes and lighten up your mood. While we had been exploring facts about love, relationships, marriage, and other such spheres of life, let us pick academics as the topic of the day. Through this article, let us find out what kind of a student you are based on your zodiac sign. Take a look.



The more the fire burns the more it wants to burn. It just knows spreading. Yes, you got it right. The fire sign Aries has all the chances that they lead the class in terms of grades and otherwise. The thought of success itself motivates you to work higher and higher; the more the better. Aries generally grab many awards as the year end comes. And all the more, they want people to know they are the achievers.



The one who knows the importance of scoring well but never lets this fact overrule his life, is the Taurean. They are sincere; more to themselves than to the teacher or any body else. When it comes to taking an extra hour of studying in order to score more, they do that easily. Completing the homework daily and submitting the assignments on time, are all their qualities, though they might choose to be average performers. However, when they want, they might even say 'no' to friends and prepare for the exam entire night.



They are less inclined to what others want them to do. All they do is what they themselves want. Pressure of books, projects and assignments give a lot of pressure and that is what they hate the most about being a student. Few things like submitting projects which they do not find any interest in, irritates them. They are only interested in the subject they want to build future in, rest all is managed by copying from good friends.



A joy to have him in the class. Remember a kid who sits at the back, observes everything, completes all assignments on time. While many students raise their hands for the answer, Cancerians just speak only when asked to and the answer is correct too (in fact, it might be even better than that of others). They joke around often in the class and performing average is a choice they make deliberately.



Always chill and live for the thrill. That's how a Leo is. They are happy go lucky people, who do not believe everything they hear. Just like they are the life of the party, they are also the life of the class, provided they want to be so. The classroom, for them is more than a place for studying. It is about sharing a lot more experiences. They can perform well, but get bored soon from one subject.



Virgos might be campus leaders. Work for them is somewhat like an Arian. One achievement leads to the other is what they believe. While they go easy about life, they still like to have a fixed routine. While their behaviour and attitude or mood might change, their grades generally don't. However, gradually they develop their interest in a subject and aim to excel in it.



Multitasking! Yes, you can call them that. They can do a hundred things and still get their homework done on time in the right way. With a lot of other areas where they participate including the

co-curricular activities, they prefer to excel at academics as well, than to stay average students.



The secretive scorer. Scorpios tell they will fail and come with flying colours after the results. They prepare well and tell they are not prepared. And that's what is called strategy to compete well. Why should the competitor know? Scorpios are successful, driven and competitive. They are the teacher's favourite.



The Sagittarius' fire burns not just about prestigious achievements but also for fun and adventures. They prefer scoring well, might prepare a cheat sheet in case of need but would finally take an entire night study and score all through their hard work. They prefer scoring with genuine efforts. They are fast learners and smart as well. Not so punctual when it comes to homework and might also take a few bunks, but Sags do know how to achieve well in exams.



Why so serious? Class everyday. Study everyday. Play everyday. Healthy body AND a healthy mind. All these philosophies accompanied by a gentleman or woman's attitude. This is how a Capricorn student is. They study well and score well. Success in the adult age is their target since childhood years. They study well and score well. They play enough to stay fit. They joke less but joke well. He/ she is the teacher's delight, always right.



Mind not at one place, but wondering visiting via thoughts. Yes, while they are in the class, it is not so sure that mind would also be there. So, physically present and mentally absent. This is what Aquarians might do sometimes. Despite this, a brilliant scorer and this is what the teachers admire you for. You still remain in their good books.



Mind is the most powerful tool for Pisces. Yet, they might let their emotions rule the mind. How? If they pass a test well, the teacher is responsible for it or the exam was easy or that luck favoured them. When they fail to make it good enough in the exam, they curse themselves for not being efficient enough. They just let the emotions overpower. Well. Pisces this is not the reality. We score for what we study and write. This is what you should believe in, as a student. That's all.

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