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5 Relationship Problems That Aquarians Might Face


Aquarians are humanitarians to the core. Attractive as well as popular among their friends, Aquarians are naturally creative too. They are visionary and frank, in fact, their frankness might sometimes cut both ways. They might have many friends, but not all of them would be close to them, since they do not open up much easily. Besides this, Aquarians are truth seekers.

While they have a deep desire to learn and explore the mysteries of the universe, they are always ready to put in the hard work required to achieve perfection. Intelligent by nature, they have creativity residing there in the mind too. Well, are they able to use this creativity and their intelligence in their relationships also? Let us explore.

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1. You Cannot Tolerate If Your Partner Is Boring

As said before, you are just so keen to live and experience life. Every day you wish to learn something new and experience something better. Your idea of life is more about knowledge. That is why love for you is more about adventures. Therefore, you do not like dealing with a boring partner. You fear of getting bored and hence would prefer leaving it altogether rather than fighting with your partner.

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2. Unable To Touch Base Regarding The Future With Your Partner

Sometimes, the urge to explore the world makes you fear away from a lifelong relationship. You love freedom, and sometimes think that a relationship means being robbed of one's freedom. The confusion lead by this opinion of yours sometimes does not let you give a sure shot answer to your partner about your future plans. The fear of being robbed of the opportunity to explore the unknown horizons of love and its diversity makes you never decide on a plan.


3. You Often Experience Being Misunderstood

Their level of intelligence might not match with that of their partner. Or the problem might be with their intellect and different opinions. Whatever might be the reason, they often feel they are being misunderstood. The excellent communicator explains the whole thing nicely enough; however, missing out on the emotions. Sometimes, they might feel so even if the problem does not exist.


4. That Excellent Debater And Communicator In You

Since you have a very sharp brain, which is sharp enough to help you deal with arguments and debates, you are an excellent debater and communicator and are able to convince people with your logic. But when it comes to convincing your partner you might not be able to do that. Thus, many ideas might get lost if you talk much about it to the level that your partner gets bored with the idea.

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5. Sometimes You Think You Are Not Getting The Required Space

Everybody requires their own space in a relationship. But Aquarians need a space more than that. Though they are highly emotional too, they never let these emotions cover the personal space which is a much-needed thing for every human being. That space sometimes turns out to be too big a demand for their partner, who might like their emotional side more. And thus, they feel they are not getting their personal space easily.

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