Rashi Ratna To Remove Your Hidden Weaknesses


Every zodiac has a ruling planet which further has a lord associated with it. The ruling planet affects almost all the matters in the life of an individual. Hindu astrology says that depending upon the ruling planet, an aura is developed around a person. This aura in turn influences his mental and physical condition; both of which further determine his work life as well as the personal life.

Many a times, life becomes miserable because of the negative effects caused by the wrong positioning of some planets. Performing holy pujas and adopting sacrificial remedies are not the only ways to get out of these problems. There is another way to get these done right, which is wearing the Rashi Ratnas.

Rashi ratna

Hindu astrology prescribes some gemstones upon wearing which the aura gets transformed. It is of high importance when the person is going through the most difficult situations in life. These gemstones are determined, keeping in mind the position of various planets in the birth chart of the person. Wearing the Rashi Ratnas will not only help you pacify the ill-effects but also help gain other benefits by spreading a positive energy. Take a look at the Rashi Ratna mentioned for each Rashi/zodiac.

However, you must keep in mind that before wearing these gemstones, you must get your birth chart evaluated, and also make sure that the gemstone is the original one. Otherwise, the results might not be in your favour.


The people with the Aries zodiac are generally adamant by nature and are short tempered. Because of this trait, many a times, important opportunities in their life are missed. They need a gemstone which can cool down their temperament and help keep their mind at peace. Moonga or the Garnet will perfectly suit their requirement. It is known for keeping the mind of the wearer at peace.


Those with this zodiac remain calm and composed. They are known for bravery. However, due to the fact that they are emotional, many people try taking advantage by exploiting their emotions. Therefore, the best gemstone for them would be a Diamond. This will not only reduce the chances of getting cheated, but will also protect them from other negative energies.


The people with this zodiac are hard workers, but they might not receive the fruits of their efforts so easily. They should, therefore, wear an Emerald.


Cancerians are intelligent but adamant. This nature of theirs poses problems in their life many a times. As a solution, they should wear a Pearl.


Leos might have to see a lot of ups and downs in their life. They have to work very hard in order to achieve success. Therefore, they must wear a Garnet, Red Opal or a Ruby gemstone.


The Virgos are emotional, though they very well know how to deal with the problems of life. Still, their emotional nature might become a reason for hurdles in their lives. They must therefore wear the Panna or the Emerald.


The Libras have a dominating nature. Though they possess many good qualities, yet they might also become a bit selfish sometimes. They can work as hard as the time demands for earning wealth in life. Opal, Blue Diamond and Topaz are the best for them.


The persons with this zodiac are generally calm and patient; but they have to struggle and work too hard even for the very small and basic desires. They should therefore wear Moonga or Coral stone, so that the success and hard work ratio gets balanced for them.


The persons with this zodiac are good at completing their task earlier than the desired time. Completing work beforehand is what they really like. However, they do not like doing the work themselves but prefer getting it done by someone else. In order to improve their will power, they should wear the Pukhraaj/Yellow Sapphire gemstone.


The people with this zodiac are emotional, hard workers, but they might sometimes achieve the goal a little late. They should wear a Blue Sapphire or Neelam, which will remove physical, mental as well as financial problems from their life.


These people are intelligent enough, but they might not be able to work due to their poor health. They should wear the Neelam/blue Sapphire, so that their health gets improved and they are benefited with both mental peace and financial upliftment.


These people are known for the high level of enthusiasm that they possess. But their health sometimes does not support them. For a better health and other related benefits, they must wear the Pukhraaj Ratna/yellow Sapphire.

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    Story first published: Friday, May 18, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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