June 2018 Horoscope Predictions For Virgo

You may experience your share of highs and lows this month. Although your confidence levels will be low at times, the placement of the stars will help cope with difficult situations. You are advised to maintain a low profile and avoid controversies at work, as it may negatively affect you.

Keeping your mind at the right track will help you concentrate on important tasks better. There may be a lot of times in life where you will be faced with two options. It is always better to avoid uncertainties when it comes to decision making.

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Keep away from negative people who will just try to lower your self-esteem. Do not take it upon yourself to handle them, karma will definitely do its job. You will be a bit spiritually inclined towards religious activities at the end of the month. Pursuing them will give you mental peace. It is also a good time to help your parents embark on a spiritual journey.

A solar eclipse during the first half of the month will bring in a major shift at your workplace. Do not be hesitant in trying something new. Go with the flow instead and you will be rewarded.

For the detailed horoscope predictions for the month of June in terms of health, career, love life, etc., read on below to find out more.


Stress and anxiety will be the reason for most of your health problems today. Although eating healthy may be too much of work for you in your busy schedule, you will have to consciously make efforts to consume healthy and wholesome meals, in order to avoid health complications.

Stomach ailments should be taken care of by visiting a medical practitioner and not self medicating. Remember, things always don't seem to be the way they are. You may have to keep your weight under check; especially if you have a high BMI.

Heart and BP issues may be on a rise. You are advised to take care while driving a vehicle, as accidents may put you on bed rest for a long time. The best thing you can do for your health is consume a diet full of leafy greens.

Healthy veggies are a great way of starting your meal. This will not only help keep your weight in check, it will monitor your calorie count as well.


Your career will be at the forefront this month, as there are huge advancements foreseen for you at work. Though you may be bombarded with a lot of projects at once, you are advised to take your time and give your complete attention to one task at a time.

Not controlling your speech at times will put you in a lot of trouble with your colleagues. You may also unintentionally slip out an important piece of information to them, so take care. Don't worry if your hard work isn't getting recognised. Things are just testing your patience and you will eventually be able to bag that promotion you have been having an eye on from a long time.

On the business front, you are definitely equipped with the brains to deal with tricky situations. You just need to invoke your inner self and give it your best. Partnerships will be good, provided there is equal distribution of work and profits between partners.


It is a month to give importance to property-related issues. It is the right time to buy or sell property and make money out of it. You need to keep your eye open for the person you are dealing with, as involving the wrong kind of people will only invite trouble.

Your life partner may just give you the right kind of advice with regards to investments, so give them your attention. You are advised not to let go off opportunities to travel, as it may turn out to be auspicious and bring you financial gains. People in the transport industry are predicted to be especially beneficial this month.

Love Life:

It is a good time for all those madly in love to take their relationship to the next level. But you need to make sure that both of you are on the same page, or else things may just become awkward. You can plan on spending more time with your partner if you haven't been able to lately, due to your busy schedule.

This will help you share your thoughts with them and put your mind at ease. Emotional support received from them will help you scale greater heights.

Married people may be required to give some space to their life partners today to maintain a healthy relationship. You need to understand that your partner may have a life beyond you and the home. It is always better to give precedence to the heart when it comes to relationships.

Lucky Colours: Red and Maroon

Lucky Numbers: 3 and 7

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    Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2018, 3:30 [IST]
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