June 2018 Horoscope Predictions For Libra

Librans are known for their charming and extreme personality. Though most of this year is predicted to be positive for you, there may be some not-so-pleasant instances as well. You will be troubled with a lot of conflict between you and your inner self with regards to all major aspects of life.

It is important to understand the root cause of such conflicts and then act upon them. This will also help you determine what direction you want to go in your life.

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Do not let anyone trample over you and take advantage of your soft nature. Your perfect balancing skills will help you create a perfect balance between your home and work. So, there will be no major issues in that regard. You will be very focused at completing the task at hand. Even though you may face distractions, remember not to deviate from your goal much.

The eclipse in the mid-month may compel you to change career paths. You need to be absolutely sure of your decision if at all you plan to take a different course at the career front. Also, taking opinions of the important people in your life will help to know if you are taking the right path.

For the detailed horoscope predictions for the month of June in terms of health, career, love life, etc., read on below to find out more.


There will be a huge focus on your spiritual health more than your physical health this month. Spiritual enlightenment will help you break the shackles of everyday life and focus on more important things that matter to you.

Although you won't be facing much health issues this month, taking care of your eating habits and regular exercise will be necessary. People suffering from a long standing illness will finally be relieved of it.

This is the right time to indulge yourself in physically straining hobbies such as bungee jumping or sky diving, as you will be in the pink of health. In fact, you will be open to new sexual experiences too, especially towards the end of the month where you will be open to being socially available to others. The adrenaline rush that you receive from these activities will enliven you and de-stress you mentally.


The planet Mercury being in the peak trine position throughout the month will give rise to great business opportunities. Job opportunities will be aplenty for people looking at a career switch. But you need to be very cautious in taking a decision, as it may prove to be disastrous for you. Following your heart will give you peace, whereas following your mind will give you strength.

The communication channels at work won't be strong, leading to misunderstandings between your colleagues and you. You are advised not to boss around under such circumstances and instead handle things with maturity. Although there may be not much work load, you are advised to give extra time to important projects.
Also, helping your colleagues and sharing your two cents with them will increase your good will at your work place.


You may be tempted to bend a few rules in order to pocket some backs. But beware of such short cuts to make money, as they may harm you in the long run. Income from different sources will be the high point for you this month. Stay away from unnecessary expenses though. Investments in reliable mutual funds will help keep your money secure and promise handsome returns.

Lending money to others, even friends, may put you in a tight spot later on. It may also make it difficult for you to retrieve it.

You are advised to properly understand the terms and conditions of everything that you will have your money in. Though your finances will be satisfactory, it will further strengthen after the 22nd of the month.

Love Life:

The planetary positions are making your love life very electric. You will experience bitter sweet relations with your partner. Though there will be increase in understanding and compatibility between you, fights and bitterness too will prevail. The fights will be settled later because, ultimately, it is impossible for you to live without each other.

Singles will find it difficult to get a partner due to the eclipse. However, the period after the eclipse will be good and there are high chances of love at first sight too. Librans usually give it their all when they are in a relationship and are known to be passionate lovers.

This will leave them disappointed most of the time, as their partner may not share the same level of passion as them. Good news may be on the way for married individuals, as there may soon be an addition to the family. This news will help mend differences between the couple too.

Lucky Colours: Pink and Green

Lucky Numbers: 4, 6, 13 and 15

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    Story first published: Friday, June 1, 2018, 4:00 [IST]
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