Find Out About Your Compatibility Based On Your Zodiac

By Shabana

Love is a very important asset in our lives. It is almost necessary to have a partner who will stand by our sides through thick and thin.

But the dynamics of relationships are changing every day. In today's generation, both the man and woman have equal roles to play.

Gone are the days where women were defined by the kind of men they chose to live with. Women have become more liberal and selective when it comes to choosing the right life partner. But what is the definition of a perfect life partner?

Falling in love with beauty and brains isn't enough for the people any more. Being compatible with each other is equally important.

Astrology has always been of great importance in our country, especially during the time of marriages. It is of utmost importance to match the horoscopes of couples getting married, to determine their compatibility level and to ensure a long-lasting and a happy marriage. But why is being compatible important?

All of us have a certain personality and temper, isn't it? Being in a relationship with someone who understands us will definitely result in a lasting relationship. An old myth of opposites attract do not hold true any more, as more and more people want a partner who would understand their needs and the easiest way to do it is to take into consideration our zodiac signs.

The zodiac sign that we belong to serves as a window to our personality. Based on this, astrologers have also developed a chart of zodiac signs which are compatible with each other. This ensures similar interests between the couple, so there are less chances of arguments or break-ups.

Excited to find out the compatibility for your zodiac sign? Read on to know more.

Here is a list of zodiac signs which are compatible quite well with the others.


Aries: Compatible with Libra

Aries, being a Fire sign, is extremely compatible with Libra. These two signs get on like a house on fire. They will never face communication issues in a relationship and will also be ready to compromise. What makes them great together is that they will never force themselves upon each other and maintain their individuality.


Taurus: Compatible with Scorpio

Taureans are very good advisors and a great "4 AM friend". They are also very emotional and will understand the needs of their partners. They will not hesitate in sharing minute details about themselves. These signs complement each other rather perfectly.

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Gemini: Compatible with Cancer

A Gemini will bring out the best in a Cancerian, forcing them to come out of their shell and explore the world. Though Cancerians are a possessive partner, the reassurance they receive from a Gemini will definitely put them to rest.

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Leo: Compatible with Capricorn

This highly compatible pair is very comfortable with each other. Leos are very bubbly and optimistic, which goes very well with the hard-working nature of Capricorn. Both have single ambitions which they love to follow. Both make a great couple and like to teach each other something. They both form an amazing social pair and often become the highlight of the society.

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Virgo:Compatible with Pisces

This couple has a longing need to have a happy and loyal relationship. They balance each other out perfectly. These may be opposite individuals, but they balance out each other perfectly. Individuals of the Virgo sign are good at guiding people and giving them directions, whereas those of the Pisces sign need someone to guide them in life. When in an argument, this pair will talk it out and sort issues sooner.

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Sagittarius Compatible with Aquarius

They have a lot of shared interests, which makes them highly compatible. Both these zodiac signs are easy-going and take life as it comes. They also like to have intellectual conversations. They have mutual respect for each other's space and try not to tread on it too much. They like to remain independent. What bonds them together is their common love for adventure and socializing.

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    Story first published: Thursday, February 15, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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