The Malefic Effects Of Unfavourably Positioned Venus And Its Remedies


Venus is the planet which is responsible for the factors of love, marriage and worldly pleasures in the life of an individual. It owns the second and the seventh house. The friends of this planet are Mercury, Saturn and Ketu, whereas, its enemies are Sun, Moon and Rahu.

When accompanied by its friends, a planet gives positive results and it gives negative results when accompanied by its enemies. When affecting positively, this planet will give success, fame and riches. When malefic, it makes the person lazy, satisfied with little hard work and little earning.

Remedies for malefic Venus

Malefic Effects

The person undergoing the malefic effects of Venus might get indulged in gambling, speculations, cheating or occupations relating to fraudulent activities. They might lose ancestral property. Though good in jobs, their talent might only be utilised for the good of others.

They might not become very rich if they keep the habit of settling down for little alone. Though talented, they might not make correct use of their talents. The individual might be deprived of comforts in life such as vehicles, an own house, a good job, etc.

The diseases related to it are gout, anaemia, eye-related problems, gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc.
Venus is beneficial when it is positioned in the second, third, fourth, seventh and twelfth houses. However, if positioned in the first and the ninth house, it is believed to affect negatively.

Sometimes, it gives malefic effects in the fifth house as well. Almost all the planets are believed to give negative results in the eighth house. Here, we are discussing some of the commonly believed unfavourable positions of the planet Venus in the birth chart of an individual.

Venus In The First House

If Venus is positioned in the first house, the person might be over interested in the opposite sex. This might become a problem for him/her. He might get married before he is able to start earning. His family life might not be good. If the individual is a male, his wife might remain ill. He may have no or little interest in religious affairs.

Venus In The Fifth House

If positioned here, Venus gives such results that the individual might have to sometimes face a misfortune in life, while other things being well. However, if he maintains a good character, such misfortunes might get avoided.

Venus In The Eighth House

If Venus is placed in this house, the wife can be of an annoying nature. She gets angry easily and there is little peace. Her curses might turn into truth.

Venus In The Ninth House

When positioned in the ninth house, Venus gives malefic effects. The efforts of such a person might not be rewarded well. He might have to face a lot of hardships. More female members might be there in his life. The individual gets his earning through hard labour. Sometimes, the person might get indulged in habits such as drugs and intoxication excessively.


1. Never insult a woman if you want to keep the negative effects of Venus at a distance.
2. Serving a black cow is believed to help reduce the malefic effects of Venus.
3. Always wear washed clothes. Dirt and stealth is what the lord of this planet does not like at all.
4. Offer ghee in a temple. It will work as a donation as well as lessen the negative effects of Venus.
5. Avoid indulging in bad habits such as adultery. These can make even the already prevailing good things leave your life.
6. Respect your wife and avoid flirting with other women. Since it is a form of disrespect to the women, it will displease Venus.
7. Serve milk or kheer to mother-like women.
8. Keep the roof-top of the house clutter free. This ensues peace in the married life and the health of the wife remains good, as is believed in astrology.
9. Sometimes, it is also advised that the individual should not accept donations.
10. Worshipping Shukra Dev or God of Venus by observing a fast is another very useful remedy to reduce the ill effects.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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