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Nag Panchami Remedies For Rahu Dosha Based On Zodiac

Nag Panchami के दिन ये उपाय दूर करेंगे राहू दोष, राशि के अनुसार करें पूजा | Boldsky

Nag Panchami falls on the fifth day of the fortnight during the bright phase of the moon, in the month of Shravana. This day is dedicated to the worship of snakes. Nag Devta, the lord of snakes, is worshipped on this day. It is said that all the doshas associated with snakes existing in the birth chart of a person are removed by offering prayers on this day. These doshas are believed to be inauspicious for a person's life, though not always.

This year Nag Panchami falls on August 15. It is said to be a very auspicious occurrence as after twenty years there will be Hasta Nakshatra and a Sarvarth Sidhi Yoga too on this Nag Panchami. The tithi will begin at 3:54 am and end at 4:15 pm. All the pujas performed during this time are believed to become fruitful. Not just this, since a Ravi Nakshatra also exists along with it, it becomes even more auspicious. This Nag Panchami puja can be performed for Rahu Dosha as well. We have brought to you the information on what you should do on this Nag Panchami to remove the negative effects of Rahu Dosha.


The people with this zodiac should perform Rudraksha Dhaay path on this day.


Immerse a piece of a copper metal in running water on this day. This will help reduce the effects of Rahu Dosha.


You should offer 5 kg radish to a person suffering from leprosy on this day.


Those with Cancer zodiac should immerse coconut in running water on this day.


Take one coconut, eleven almonds and a red handkerchief. Tie them up together and bury them in the soil.


The Librans should keep wheat seeds under the pillow on the previous night. Offer these to birds on the next morning.


These people should worship Ganesha and then offer him durva grass and ladoo. After this, yellow flowers should be offered to snakes for Rahu Dosha nivaran.


Offer flour or sweets to ants on this day for removing the effects of Rahu Dosha. All problems related to Rahu Dosha will be removed.


You should offer sesame seeds as well as wheat seeds to the poor and needy.


Those with this zodiac should immerse 250 g of coal in running water.


You should wear a bangle made of eight metals after performing the rituals during auspicious muhurta.

It is said that the tradition of offering milk to the snakes began long ago. During the Satyuga, the Nag Loka started burning. Cow's milk was offered to them so that their bodies could be soothed. Since it was a Panchami tithi on that day, it is being celebrated as Nag Panchami during the Shravana month.