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Kaalsarpa Yoga: Types And Effects


Kaalsarpa yoga is a position in the birth chart of person, where all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu. Rahu and Ketu always move clockwise, whereas all the other planets move anticlockwise. So if the planets are moving away from Rahu then they are said to be between Rahu and Ketu and if they appear moving into Rahu, then they are said to be between Ketu and Rahu.

The common belief is that a person suffers from this dosha due to the mistakes he/she did in the past life. It is believed that under this condition, the native gets trapped in a number of difficult situations of life. There are negative effects in all the spheres of his life. The person may suffer from poor health, financial problems and unhappy married life. In many cases the person may also have to suffer from problems due to his children.

Though the effects of the kaalsarpa yoga are not always malefic, the common belief is that this yoga leads to negative effects only. However, the reality is that a number of other factors also need to be considered before arriving at a conclusion regarding the kaalsarpa yoga. This includes referring to the position of various other planets in the birth chart. There have been a number of people who were said to have the kaalsarpa yoga in their kundali. Despite this they have reached the heights of success. Pandit Jawaharlaal Nehru, Morarji Desai, Cahandrashekhar Singh are the most well known among them.

Therefore, having the kaalsarpa yoga, does not mean at all, that one's life has gone waste. The almighty always appreciates one's determination and hard work.

And it also does not mean that there are no remedies to this problem. Our ancient granthas mention a number of ways to get a solution to these problems.

Moreover, the Kaal Sarpa yoga itself is of twelve types. The results of which may be similar as well as different.

Cancellation Of Kaalsarpa Yoga

If all the planets in the birth chart are placed between Rahu and Ketu, but even if one planet is accompanying either Rahu or Ketu, then the Kaalsarpa yoga gets cancelled.

Types Of Kaalsarpa Yoga

There are twelve types of kaalsarpa yogas such as Anant Kaalsarpa, Kulik Kaalsarpa, Vasuki Kaalsarpa, Shankhpaal Kaalsarpa, Padam Kaalsarpa, Mahapadma Kaalsarpa, Taksha Kaalsarpa, Karkotak Kaalsarpa, Shankhchoor Kaalsarpa, Ghatak Kaalsarpa, Vishdhar Kaalsarpa, Sheshnaag Kaalsarpa. Here we will be discussing all these yogas in detail. Have a look.

1. Anant Kaalsarpa Yoga

When the Rahu is placed in the first house and the Ketu is in the seventh, the other planets in between, this is the Anant kaalsarpa yoga. This leads to problems in marriage, the love life too, is not so good. The health is also affected negatively, and in some cases the mental health might also get affected.

2. Kulik Kaalsarpa Yoga

Kulik kaalsarpa yoga is the one in which the second house is occupied Rahu and the eighth by Ketu. As a result of this, while the education and the married life of the person may remain normal, he might have to suffer from financial problems.

3. Vasuki Kaalsarpa Yoga

When the Rahu is placed in the third and the Ketu in the ninth house, this is called the Vasuki Kaalsarpa yoga. This leads to clashes between the person and his kins. Health too, does not remain so good, due to which he/ she has to spend too much on health. The person might even be cheated by relatives and friends. However, despite all these, the chances are high for the person to achieve great heights of success. Staying and working away from the birthplace might benefit the person and he also gets many good chances to achieve success. Hence, a person who can work hard will achieve success, despite the problems.

4.Shankhpaal Kaalsarpa Yoga

If Rahu is in the fourth place and Ketu is in the tenth house, this is called Shankhpaal kaalsarpa yoga. The person might have to face problems at the time of property acquisition. Also it might lead to problems from the other's side. The married life is fine, still there may be dissatisfaction between them due to minor arguments. Despite the problems in taking up an occupation too, the person will get a good job, success in politics and respect in the society, provided he works hard.

5. Padma Kaalsarpa Yoga

Padma kaalsarpa is caused when Rahu is in the fifth and the Ketu is in the eleventh house, all the other planets between them. The person might have to suffer from problems related to children. Chances are that the children might suffer from mental or other physical problems. If the person does not indulge into drinking, cheating and practices righteousness, the above mentioned results might not affect him/her.

6. Mahapadma Kaalsarpa Yoga

Under the effect of Mahapadma Kalsarpa Yoga, it is believed that the person will either benefit from wealth or from happiness. As he might earn well through various tours related to business, however, his family life be not satisfactory. His kins might cheat him leading to his unhappiness in life.

7. Takshak Kaalsarpa Yoga

When Ketu is in the Lagna and Rahu is in the seventh house it is called Takshak Kaalsarpa yoga. The person has a small height,might become overweight and he has to suffer from various problems from the family. He might not get the paternal property or might have to face problems in its acquisition. However, if the person does not indulge in gambling, cheating and other negative and harmful habits he might not have to suffer from these effects.

8.Karkotak Kaalsarpa Yoga

Ketu is in the second house and Rahu is in the eighth place, this is the Karkotak Kaalsarpa Yoga. The person has to suffer from various problems right from the childhood itself. If he gets a job,the promotion might get hindered, they might also have to go from a higher to a lower post also, this demotion being a punishment.

9. Shankhchoor Kaalsarpa Yoga

It is caused when Ketu is in the third and Rahu is in the ninth house. This might lead to the person developing a will to harass the shares of his own kins. That is why he might even get deprived of his own shares. He might have to face court cases and related problems. Sometimes it might lead top problems in his education as well. If he loves his kins, leaves the nature of selfishness and accepts righteousness, he might not have to suffer from these problems.

10. Ghatak Kaalsarpa Yoga

If Ketu is in the fourth house and Rahu is the tenth house, it is called Ghatak Kaalsarpa Yoga. Under its affect the person keep struggling for happiness but would not achieve the desired level of happiness, as is common belief. However, they might get satisfied if they leave the bad habits such as cheating and bribery.

11. Vishdhar Kaalsarpa Yoga

If Ketu is in the fifth and Rahu is in the eleventh house, it is called the Vishdhar Kaalsarpa Yoga. The person will have to travel a lot. Though there may be peace at a point in life. He might have to stay away from the place of birth. His health, and family life many get affected negatively, despite chances of benefit from the paternal and maternal grandparents.

12. Sheshnaag Kaalsarpa Yoga

If Ketu is placed in the sixth and Rahu in the twelfth house is called Sheshnaag Kaalsarpa Yoga. The person suffering from it might have to face problems related to finances. He is criticised most of the time and might have to suffer from arguments and clashes with his people, leading to court cases. He is most of the time trapped in negative energy leading to negative mentality. Therefore, the person must try to keep himself positive and try not to indulge in arguments with his relatives.

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Story first published: Monday, May 14, 2018, 12:52 [IST]