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Astrological Remedies for Poor School Performance Of Children


With the demands of the changing times, parents seem highly worried about the education of their kids. It becomes a headache when the children do not score well. In fact, in many cases, children are not able to concentrate, too. One of the most common reasons is the excessive use of the electronic gadgets, which leads to disturbed attention.

Along with these reasons, various other factors such as the vastu of the house, the vastu of the study room, the sun sign of the children and the direction they sit in while studying also play a pivotal role. And this is what we are going to discuss today through this article.

Beginning with some tips related to the vastu of the room, we will later talk about a few remedies so that your child builds up the right amount of interest in studies.

Do Not Forget To Check The Vastu Of The Room:

1. While designing your house, or while the construction is going on, keep in mind that the room, ideally, should be in the northeast corner. If this is not possible, having it in the north direction can still help as well. But do make sure that the door of the room is facing the northeast only.

2. Another thing not to be forgotten is that the washroom should not be constructed above the children's bedroom or study room. If it is so, it'll bring in negative energy and lead to the depletion of the positive vibes and activeness of the child. The washroom must also not be in front of the bed or the study table. In case it is there, make sure the door remains closed.

3. Not just the direction, but the shape of the room, too, matters a lot. A square shape is ideal for a study room which keeps vibrations from all the directions balanced.

4. Keep the paint as well as the colour of the curtains green. This helps maintain the concentration, and does provide peace to the mind, removing all the hindrances in their concentration.

5. If your children are not able to concentrate well despite putting in their best effort, what you can do is ask them to keep their feet in the north while sleeping. This will help improve the level of concentration. Sleeping with the head in the east direction is good as well. With this, Satvik waves keep coming into their mind and when they wake up, they feel positively charged.

6. In the study room, the bookshelf must not be right above the study table in front of the child. This deviates their concentration while they are studying.

7. The windows, if any, should be in the east direction of the room.

8. The study table should also be placed in the east or northeast, though not near the window.

9. Always keep a study lamp on the table. Whether the child uses it or not, it is believed that a source of light helps create an environment for studying and helps increase concentration.

10. You can keep the images of running horses, the rising sun and other positive and energising scenes. Avoid keeping any kind of negative images inside the child's room.

11. Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Keep her image in the south direction of the room.

12. In the south direction, you can even keep the trophies, certificates and other such awards of the child. It is auspicious as well as motivating for the child.

13. The child must not study sitting in the direction from which the wind is blowing. This, too, obstructs the concentration while they study. Sitting close to the doors and windows is not good because of similar reasons.

14. Make sure the child does not face the wall or sit in a corner while studying. This blocks the concentration and hampers the concentration of the child.

Sometimes, students are not able to score well either because they are not able to concentrate, or because they are not able to recall what they've studied. In such a case, here are some remedies you can adopt.

The astrological remedies for poor school performance of children at school.

1. If you think the child is lazy and therefore, does not want to study, they should wear a Panchmesha Ratna embed in copper or Navamesh Ratna embedded in gold.

2. They should eat more sweet food and less salty dishes if they find it difficult to concentrate while studying.

3. Take a small branch of a neem tree and place it somewhere on the door of the room; it helps keep negative energy at bay.

4. Brahmamuhurta has been described as the best time for concentration. Therefore, children must study during the Brahmamuhurta if they feel they are not able to concentrate. The subject studied at this time stays in the brain for a longer period. Brahmamuhurta refers to the time from 4.00 am to 6.00 am.

5. Students must not keep their hair covered while studying. Covering here more specifically refers to covering with hair.

6. Sulamani Aqeek is a stone. Keep nine Sulamaani Aqeeks covered in a green cloth in the study room. This, too, will help the child concentrate well.

7. Sometimes the left nostril is more active and at other times it is the right. The child must study the difficult subject when the right nostril is more active. Also, if the right nostril is active, step out of the house with the right leg first while going to school or for an exam. Even while entering, if the left nostril is active, one must enter with the left leg first.

8. On the study table, keep a Shri Yantra established on a red cloth. Before sitting for studying, the child should concentrate for a few minutes on the Shri Yantra and recite the following mantra:

''Om Bhavaye Vidyam Dehi Dehi Om Namoh''

Adopting these measures, you will see that your child scores well and has started performing better in academics. These remedies will prove helpful for sure.

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