Will Yours Be A Love Marriage? Check What Your Palm Lines Indicate About It


Marriage and love are two of the most significant events in the life of a person. And when it is 'love marriage', it gives beauty to both, love as well as marriage. Well, whether yours will be a love marriage or arranged, can be inferred from the lines of your palm. Just as there are lines for career, behaviour, etc., there are lines which will tell you about your marriage and your married life.

love marriage lines on hand

Marriage Line

First let us know which is the line of marriage. It is the sleeping line right under the little finger, which appears starting from the backside of the palm. This line is generally short but deep, and can have various minor differences varying from palm to palm. These minor variations only lead to different implications.

Heart Line

There is another line which you need to understand before reading about the various indications of love marriage in the palm. It is the heart line. The heart line is one of the most important and deepest lines on your palm.

Besides telling the character and behaviour of a person, it also has implications on your love life too. After all, it is the heart where the love springs from. Will you ever be able to marry the love of your life, will your dreams of exploring the world together ever come true? Will you be able to grow old in each other's company, are some of the questions which you might be wondering about. The answers to all these questions lie in the lines just mentioned above - the marriage line and the heart line.

Within these lines, lies the secret of your love life and its success. Let us explore whether your love story will reach its destination. Various situations have been described in palmistry in this regard. These are as mentioned below.

1. If the heart line and the marriage line are too far from each other, it implies that person will get married too early, might even get married before the age of twenty. It also implies that he/she will find the partner himself/herself, implying that it will be a love marriage.

2. If there is the sign of a hill or mountain at the beginning of the marriage line, it implies the chances of a girl getting married under some misunderstanding.

3. Similarly, it is a sign of inauspiciousness if the marriage line is intersecting the line of heart and seems moving downwards. Though it might be a love marriage, there are chances that there might be a lot of problems in the married life later on.

4. When you see a trident near the line of marriage, it is a sign of auspiciousness. The person not only finds the love himself or herself, but the married life is said to be a happy one too.

5. Well, who would like it when the partner whom you find yourself faces health-related problems later? But this is what is implied when there is the sign of a square, near the line of marriage.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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