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Marijuana And Spirituality. What Is The Connection?

A lot of people have experimented with marijuana and have described the effects of the drug in numerous ways. While at the end of the day we all seek to discover ourselves and explore the depths of our own consciousness, it goes without saying that spirituality is the ultimate path for humankind. While some people have spoken about an expansion of consciousness owing to usage of marijuana, the experiences of others have been starkly different. Let us now evaluate the connection between marijuana and spirituality.

The most imperative thing that you need to know about smoking marijuana is that the effects are dependent on intuition. To put it in a single sentence, you are the one who decides what effect you want the drug to have on you before you smoke. If you do not make the choice, it is usually the subconscious mind that makes the decision for you. So, if you want the drug to make you feel good, it will make you feel good. That is the crux of it all.

Marijuana is often referred to as the sacred plant because of this very reason. It all depends on the intention behind what you do. So, coming to the point in discussion- Spirituality and marijuana. What is the connect?

Here are a few points that will give you the complete picture of this rather deep-seated connection between marijuana and spirituality.

a. The high from marijuana is different. It causes a distinct form of vibration.

b. It is a proven fact that marijuana expands the consciousness and allows free flow of energy between the 7 Chakras. This is because of the vibration marijuana sets forth. The chakras are better able to absorb sub atomic particles, thus enabling seamless flow of positive energy.

c. It enables the 7 endocrine glands to function more effectively. This, however, depends on how much you consume it and how often. Over consumption will certainly not get you anywhere.

d. Marijuana expanding the consciousness is something most spiritual persons speak about. However, its positivity remains potent only if consumed in the right spirit and right quantity.

e. Because of its effect in enabling Chakras to function optimally and allows for a higher level of vibration, psychic power is more enhanced, thereby allowing us to understand partially, if not completely, the purpose of existence and the truth that governs existence.

It is important to consume marijuana in limited quantities with the right spirit. Focusing on your thoughts and your heart will certainly serve to change the way you think and understand certain fundamental aspects of life. Marijuana can help you focus on one particular thing and allow for enhanced concentration. Although a lot has been said, positive effects of marijuana and the positive effects of meditation are a good distance apart.

Meditation is the ultimate pathway to understand the truth about mankind's very existence.

Story first published: Saturday, June 7, 2014, 6:29 [IST]
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