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How Meditation And Spirituality Can Enhance Your Creativity


Meditation and spirituality have taken centre stage in popular discussions about human life, turmoil in the present age and suffering of mankind. Spirituality talks of two main forms of Yoga - Hath Yoga and Raj Yoga. As a part of Raj Yoga, meditation has miraculous benefits. Apart from connecting us to the supreme being, it also helps us to enhance creativity.

While such is the case, we delve into one of the aspects of human potential, creativity. We speak of the influence meditation and spirituality have on the human mind and how they inevitably contribute towards enhancement of creativity in an individual. Let us go ahead and look at this idea in detail.

Recent studies that have extensively researched on the aspect of meditation have a lot to say as far as meditation's contribution to creativity is concerned. As such, meditation associates itself with several health benefits and is seen as the best way to achieve sublime mental health. What must be understood is that meditation does not just confine itself to discovering the spirituality in oneself, there is a lot more to it. We won't be delving into those facets, for our focus is on how meditation can influence creativity.


Meditation Can Alter The Brain

An international study proclaimed that meditation has the capability of altering the brain structure. It is now a proven fact that meditation modifies structures in the brain and allows the brain to align itself so as to deliver optimum functioning. The areas of the brain that command creativity, memory and logic are enhanced tremendously. This answers the question of how meditation can influence creativity. Human capabilities are increased incredibly through meditation and spirituality.

Another way by which meditation and spirituality enhance creativity is by the impact of meditation as far as our connection with the universe is concerned. The mysteries of the universe bend our minds beyond comparison. So imagine the level of creativity that can be harnessed through the practice of mediation.


Two Forms Of Meditation

There are two different forms of meditation. We here discuss two of them. While one form of meditation is open monitoring meditation, the other is focused attention meditation. The first form of meditation is in which the meditating person is able to feel all the experiences and events in the surroundings. He feels the surroundings, the events both inside and outside the body. Similarly, in the other form of meditation, one is supposed to concentrate on one thought or object.


Two Forms Of Creativity

Creativity involves two main forms of thinking: divergent thinking where the thoughts get diverged and the convergent thinking where the thoughts get converged. In divergent thinking one thought leads to another and the entire network of thoughts is formed, whereas in the convergent thinking, one is supposed to assemble the thoughts to come to a conclusion. Both these forms of thinking get influenced positively by the open monitoring meditation. This finding is a clear indication towards why our ancestors and the sages of the Vedic times stressed excessively on spirituality. Meditation which we call a spiritual concept that helps us get connected to the supreme being, and which helps us discover ourselves through introspection, helps enhance creativity as well.

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