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Tirukforbearance,thirukkural-On Virtue-Forbearance-forbearance,thirukkural 154

By Staff

Niraiyudaimai neengaamai vaendin poraiyudaimai

Poatri olukap padum

If a man aspires to the fullness of virtue,He should cherish the practice of forbearance.

Any person, who seeks to achieve the fullness of the virtue of self-control, should practise patience and forbearance assiduously. The word 'Niraiyudaimai' of perfection, has been explained by Manakudavar as the practice of eschewing what should be eschewed and cherishing what should be cherished. Kalinagar would give it the meaning 'Adakamudaimai' or self-control. This reminds one of Emersons's beautiful line. 'His heart was as great as the world but there was no room in it to hold the memory of a wrong'.

The Gita speaks at length of the control of the senses and of desires and emotions as a yoga of full self-control before union with the Lord himself. The only difference here is that Valluvar present the case from a rational stand-point of practical application, without relating it to the religious ultimate.

(Gita 6: 18,19)

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 13:39 [IST]