How To Drop Lust And Nurture Love

Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Overcoimg lust
Yes…any questions?

Swamiji, how do we drop lust and nurture love?

Yes…You have finally come to the point...

Lust like anger is a tremendous energy. Actually, until such time you understand what lust is and how it can be transformed, any action that you do is lustful. Even if you pick up a pen, it is lustful; even if you are petting a small child, it is lustful; there is a certain animal nature in it because your energy is still 'base' and has not transformed into higher energy.

Like how knowledge about anger reduces anger, so also, knowledge about lust reduces lust, because both are the same energy! The problem with lust and sex is, it has been magnified and imagined to be much more than what it is. Because of suppression, it is made out to be much more than what it is. There starts the whole problem. It has been contaminated to a great extent by media.

And when your lust is not accepted by the other, it turns into anger against that person. That is why you read newspaper reports of teenage boys throwing acid on the faces of girls who have rejected them.

See, understand one thing first: Society has always made divisions like lower humans and higher humans. Any one with passion is said to be a lower human; anyone with lust is said to be a lower human. There is no lower or higher; a transformation has to happen, that's all.

The people who go about setting these moral standards are simply people who pretend to be moralists. Behind each of them, there is so much of hidden lust and passion. They are either frightened to go behind these feelings or guilty to go behind them and so they pass off as moralists. They are the ones who set standards like low and high and cause all the misery in society.

Just understand that there is no low or high. The moment you think that you are low, you start fighting with that feeling and it becomes very difficult for you to overcome it; it becomes very difficult for the transformation to happen.

Anything that you resist persists. Simply allow your Consciousness to transform and it will happen. Just bring in awareness into yourself and you will transform. Never analyze; analysis will only divide. It will divide you into two halves that keep fighting with each other. Society always looks to divide you.

Analysis is for scientists and researchers, not for spiritual growth. You are so used to analysis and dissection that you cannot drop it in any context. When people try to impose the inferior and superior feelings in you, remember: Each one is a part of Existence and no one is inferior or superior to anyone. It is only when you forget this truth, you will use these kinds of words.

Coming to your question about lust, first understand: There can only be Love, never Lust. That is the Truth. Lust is a result of deep ignorance.

The process of changing lust to love is an alchemy process. Alchemy is the process of changing any base metal to a higher metal. Similarly, changing our base emotion that is lust to the highest emotion we are capable of, that is love, is an alchemy process. It is the ultimate alchemy.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 11:03 [IST]
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