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Ashada Amavasya 2021: Muhurta, Rituals And Significance Of This Festival

Amavasya is a monthly occurrence that marks the new moon day. In the Hindu culture, the Amavasya falling in Ashada month has high significance. It is also referred to as Halahari Amavasya. This year the Ashada Amavasya is falling on 9 July 2021, i.e., on Friday. Farmers belonging to the Hindu community, celebrate this day with utmost dedication. Today we are here to tell you more about this day.

Muhurta For Ashada Amavasya

As per the Hindu culture, Amavasya is observed on the fifteenth date during the waning phase i.e., the Krishna Paksha of the moon. This year the date falls on 9 July 2021. The Amavasya tithi will begin at 05:16 am on 9 July 2021. The Amavasya tithi will end at 06:46 am on 10 July 2021.

Rituals Of Ashada Amavasya

  • On this day, people worship Lord Vishnu and observe a fast.
  • Devotees wake up early and they clean their houses along with the puja room.
  • One should take a bath in holy rivers.
  • People believe that offering Tarpan (tribute) to ancestors brings good fortune.
  • People also offer Arghya to Lord Surya.
  • They then worship Lord Vishnby offering flowers, fruits and clothes.
  • Those who observe a fast on this day, break the same during the evening after worshipping Lord Vishnu.

Significance Of Ashada Amavasya

  • According to the Indian climate,rainy season usually begins during or at the end of the month of Ashada.
  • For farmers, the rainy season is quite important and therefore, they celebrate this new moon day as Halahari Amavasya.
  • Farmers observe Ashada Amavasya by worshipping their plows and farming equipment.
  • People believe, offering prayers and tribute to one's ancestors removes troubles and negativity from their lives.
  • Lord Vishnu is usually worshiped on this day.
  • Right after the Ashada Amavasya, the Chaumasa or Chaturmasa begins.