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Karwa Chauth 2019: Important Items You Need To Know If You Are Fasting On This Day

By Debdatta

Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festivals that is celebrated in India with magnanimity. It is a festival that strengthens the bond between a husband and wife and gets the blessings for the long life of one's husband. This year the festival is on 13 October.

If this is the first year of your marriage, you should surely know the things you need for the Karwa Chauth fast.

Karwa Chauth 2018 Vrat Muhurta And Vidhi

Before discussing the list of things that you need for Karwa Chauth, let's have a discussion on the true spirit of the occasion.

During this festival, married women keep a fast throughout the day for the long and prosperous life of their husbands. After seeing the moon on the Karwa Chauth night, they do the Puja and watch their husband's face through a sieve. After that, they break their fast by having water and sweets.

Karwa Chath Vrat Katha

Karwa Chauth is not only a fasting day. It enhances the bond between the girl and her in-laws as well. When the mother-in-law gifts her daughter-in-law the 'Sargi', she mixes love and affection into it.

Altogether, the women in a locality observe the fast, wear new dresses and adorn themselves with jewellery and wait for the moon to appear in the sky clearly.

So, now let's get back to discussing more the list of things that are required for the Karwa Chauth fast. Keep reading.

Legends Associated With Karva Chauth Fast


1. Sieve

This is a must on this occasion. You see the moon through it and then see your beloved husband's face through it. Sieve is a must have on Karwa Chauth.


2. Sargi

It is an earthen pot that is filled with food items and is given to all the married women by their mothers-in-law. Especially, the pot is filled with dry fruits, milk-based sweets, fruits, fenia, matthi, fried potatoes, etc. to make the lady strong for the entire day's fast. It must be consumed at dawn.


3. Baya

You can call it a return gift. Traditionally, it was initially the gift items presented to the mother-in-law of the fasting woman by her parents. Today, daughters-in-law directly gift their mothers-in-law the Baya. It comprises of new clothes, jewellery, money, earthen pot, sweets, fruits and dry fruits.


4. Mehendi

This is one of the most important things that you need for Karwa Chauth. Mehendi or henna is the symbol of ‘Suhag'. So, every married woman applies mehendi on her hands, arms and feet. And she looks immensely gorgeous with those exclusive designs.


5. Jewellery and Clothes

Traditionally, women used to dress up in their marital wear to celebrate this occasion. But, now they buy new clothes like sarees, lehngas, etc. Also, they buy new jewellery to look glamorous on this special day.


6. Karva

So far, you know about the clothes. But, on Karwa Chauth, you worship the moon and you need ‘Karva' for that. ‘Karva' is nothing but a vessel that contains water. It is kept on the puja thali and your husband makes you drink the first drop of water from this to break your fast.


7. Materials For Married Women

On Karwa Chauth, women worship Goddess Parvati, who is the epitome of a happily married woman. Therefore, the puja thali is prepared with all materials that a ‘suhagan' (married woman) needs in her life. It contains bangles, sindur, nath, tika, mangalsutra, etc.


8. Earthen Lamps

Before preparing for the puja, women keep small earthen lamps on their puja thali and light those up. These are required during the ‘Aarti'.

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9. Great Meal

After the puja, it is time for having tasty meals with one's husband and other relatives. The enjoyment of the festival touches a great height when one celebrates it with all the friends and relatives together.

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