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Kali Puja 2019: What You Should Know About The Dark Mother, Goddess Kali


The completion of Mother Kali puja is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish in Hinduism. The Dark Mother Kali is a Goddess of the Dasham Mahavidyas. That is why just any priest is not equipped to perform Kali puja. The priest needs to be indoctrinated or rather must have taken 'diksha' from a guru who is trained in the Dasham Mahavidyas.

This year, Kali puja will be celebrated on 27 October, Sunday.

There are many forms of Kali and each one is revered in its own way. But even to a regular Kali puja, one needs to be knowledgeable about various things. The Dark Mother is not very easily pleased, but she is very easily offended. If you want to do Kali puja at home, here are certain facts that you must know.

Things To Know About Mother Kali Puja:

Strict Abstinence

The fast that you have to keep for Kali puja has very stringent rules. One day before the actual puja, you will have to practice 'abstinence' or 'penance'. You will not be eating any non-vegetarian food or spices. The food you eat must be bland. Then you must maintain fast from sunrise until the puja is completed which will be sometime the next morning.

Making The 'Bhog'

The food that is offered to the Dark Mother is called 'bhog'. This bhog has to be prepared with utmost caution. The person who cooks the bhog must maintain a pledge of silence so that not even a drop of spit falls into the bhog from his/her mouth. Meat and fish are offered to Mother Kali during her puja. These non-vegetarian foods must be cooked without onions and garlic.


For the completion of Mother Kali puja, sacrifice is essential. Earlier, animals used to be sacrificed at her altar. But now, animal sacrifice is prohibited by law in India. That is why vegetables like pumpkins and bottle gourds are sacrificed symbolically.

The Dark Night

Kali puja is done on the night of the new moon. It can never be down in once there is sunlight.

Apart from these, there are many more rules to be followed while doing Mother Kali puja at home. None of these rules can be bent. And once you start doing Kali puja, it must be continued for at least 3 years.

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