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6 Signs That Tell You May Have Had A Past Life

Did you ever feel that you had a past life? Have you ever found a particular place, language or culture familiar without knowing about it in the first place? Well, then this could be because you have lived before. At times you might have come across people who remember their past lives and incidents.

Well, there are many ways to know about one's past life. One such way is past life regression. But sometimes there are some subtle signs that may seem thrilling or bizarre to you. So if you are fascinated by the idea of rebirth and want to know if you had a past life then scroll down to read more.

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1. You Have Some Unexplained Perpetual Memories

Have you ever felt that you have some memories that do not seem to have a connection with your present life? For example, you may have memories of living in a place you have never been to or doing things that you are completely unaware of. Unusual memories are one of the signs of a past life.

These memories may remain in your subconscious mind. Moreover, these memories won't be like any other memories associated with your present life. In fact, these will be quite offbeat and sometimes can make you horrified.


2. You Seem To Have Deja Vu

Did you ever feel that you have heard a specific language or spoken a particular sentence before? For example, you are talking with your friend and suddenly there comes a point where you feel that you have lived this moment before.

Well, this feeling can also include familiarity with a smell, person or place. Even if you have never witnessed or experienced something in your present life, you feel that there is a connection. These experiences can be vague and can annoy you.


3. You Have Strange Phobias

Different people have different phobias depending upon some unpleasant experiences. But there are people who have some strange phobia even without going through any unpleasant incident. Such as you may fear from water even after knowing that you never had any mishappening with water. You need to understand that your fears and phobias can be associated with your previous life.


4. You Seem To Have Enigmatic Skills And Knowledge

A child may dance at the mere age of two or three as if he or she has been doing it for ages. Also, at times you may find kids who own exceptional knowledge in a particular field or subject when compared to other children of their age group.

Also, there can be people who can't live without music, spending their time with nature or dancing on the beat of the music. Some people consider these as signs of a past life.


5. You Get Weird Recurring Dreams

At times people get recurring nightmares or dreams again and again. They might not be able to know the reason behind this. However, it is believed that our subconscious mind often recalls the good memories and traumas of our previous life through recurring dreams and nightmares. Such as you may dream of being at a place you know nothing about, meeting someone who is familiar but not from your present life.

Rather than discarding these dreams, you can actually find a connection in them and find out who you were in your previous life.


6. You Have Strange Birthmarks On Your Body

There are many people who have one or more birthmarks on their body and they may feel that it is normal. According to science, birthmarks occur generally due to our position in the womb or because of some random pigmentation. But those who study the science of reincarnation believe that birthmarks are signs that can tell you about your previous life or most importantly any injury. So you can go through a past life regression to know the truth behind your birthmarks.

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If you have a strong belief that the above-mentioned signs are surely related to your previous life, then you can think of having past life regression. But it is better to focus on the life that you currently have and make the best out of it. This will surely help you find answers to all those questions raising in your head.

Source: Speaking Tree and Reader's Digest

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