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Do You Know This Benefit Of Yoga And Meditation? They Help In The Law Of Attraction Too!!


A Story Narrated By Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Sadhguru once narrated a story, which goes like this. There was this man who once was engrossed deeply in his thoughts, and did not realize when he walked into paradise. There was beauty, greenery and fragrances of various flowers all around. The tranquillity, the calmness and the freshness in the environment there was mesmerizing. Tired of having walked too far, he wanted to take some rest. Just then, he saw a tree and sat down to rest underneath it.

A little relaxed, he wished he had something to eat, and much to his surprise, he saw there were delicious dishes he ever wanted to eat placed in big plates before him. The most favourite dishes, that he ever wanted to eat, were there before him.

Hungry man asks no questions. So, the man quickly finished all that he was served. Soon, he felt like wanting to drink something. The moment he thought that, there were the most favourite items he ever had wanted to drink, placed before him. Now, though a little confused to see this happening, he gulped the drink.

Lying under the tree, on the cushiony grass, he started trudging into deep thoughts and pondered, ''were it the ghosts who were fulfilling all of his wishes there?''

No sooner had he thought that, he saw the ghosts surrounding him. Surprised and shocked, he thought he had landed at the wrong place and that the ghosts might kill him; however, the ghosts did kill him.

A Kalpa Vriksha

This was the story of the man whose all wishes were being fulfilled. Whatever he thought would take no time to get granted accomplished.

Are you wondering how this happened? And what was the secret behind his every wish getting fulfilled?

Well, the secret is that he was sitting under a Kalpa Vriksha. Kalpa Vriksha is a tree which is known for fulfilling one's wishes. Now, you must be thinking what has it do with yoga or the law of attraction?

Our Mind Too Acts As A Kalpa Vriksha

What Sadhguru emphasised upon after saying this was, that our mind too acts like a Kalpa Vriksha. For whatever we think, it has a possibility of turning into reality. There is a tendency of the body to move in the direction that the mind is thinking.

Actions are obviously guided by the mind, but when the mind thinks something, it concentrates hard and the whole of the universe makes it turn into a reality. Now sometimes, it happens that two thoughts are present in the mind at the same time. From the two, whichever is the deeper one, affects the actions.

Sadhguru says that the mind acts as a Kalpa Vriksha when it is regulated, which means when the body, mind and soul, all act in the same direction, the thoughts become the destiny, and they turn into a reality. This is what yoga does.

Attracting what you think of is known as the law of attraction. Yoga helps control the mind, gives peace to the soul and relaxes the body. When at peace, all three will work in the same direction if you want.

Yoga brings integrity in them and thus all the three forces act in the same direction. Therefore, another benefit that yoga and meditation give to us is they help in the law of attraction too!

Need Of Doing Yoga Of The Higher Level

This is what the yogis and the sages did whose lives and miracles are recorded in the books of Indian History and religion. These sages were the yogis who had reached such a level, through Yoga, that their words turned into blessings, and the blessings became true.

This so well highlights the importance of yoga and meditation. Thus, yoga and meditation, which originated as a science in ancient India, have roots deeper than we know, their implications more than we can see and benefits even more than we have ever had. Yoga and meditation are bliss!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 14:50 [IST]
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