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Blood Moon, 27th July, 2018 - The Biggest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century

चन्द्र ग्रहण: 27 जुलाई का ग्रहण कहाँ और कब दिखेगा, इन राशियों पर पड़ेगा बुरा प्रभाव | Boldsky

On 27th July, 2018, we will be seeing the second lunar eclipse. The first one happened on January 31st, 2018. Well, the even greater news is that this is the greatest eclipse not only of the year but of the century.

This is happening after 144 years! Because it reddens itself completely, this eclipse is also known as the blood moon. The timings will be from 11:55 pm on July 27 to 3:43 am on July 28.

It is a lunar eclipse that takes place when the Sun, Moon and the Earth all lie in the same line.
Lunar eclipse is formed when the lights of the Sun do not fall on the Moon because the Earth comes in between.

Every year, the lunar eclipse takes place on the Purnima day (full Moon day). There are two types of Lunar eclipses - partial as well as complete.

According to astrology, this moon will have various implications on all the zodiacs. Both positive as well as negative. Also, the effects will be applicable from nine hours prior to the actual eclipse, hence various points need to be kept in mind. You will be required to ensure the following things.

1. Make sure no member of the family goes out during the eclipse, though this rule is not so strict for the children and elders.

2. Make sure you do not touch the idols of the Gods. Keep them covered away from the reach during this time.

3. Do not do any auspicious works during this period. Negative effects might be seen.

4. Pregnant women need to prevent themselves from going out during this period. They need to take a special care.

6. Other tasks such as cutting, sewing, knitting, etc., also need to be abandoned for this period of the lunar eclipse.

7. It is also being said that one must abstain from eating, drinking as well as cutting nails during this time.

8. It is believed that if unmarried women see the Moon of the eclipse, it might result into negative effects, leading to problems in their marriage. Hence, they should abstain from going out as well.

9. Basil leaves are used as a protective remedy against the negative effects if any. Keeping basil leaves in drinking water as well as food will help protect them.

Every change in the planets will also affect the zodiacs too. While for some it might be good, for the others it might result into negative effects. The most apt implications will be judged later, there are some predictions for these zodiacs until then. Mentioned below are the zodiacs that would be affected by it.


For the Aries zodiac, the situations are going to get better. They will get rid of some problems as well as all the tensions that will be removed, along with the time turning more auspicious.


The individuals of this zodiac will get success in all their tasks and respect in the society will increase.


The individuals of this zodiac will get to hear some good news, hence the time will be good for them.


For the individuals of the Pisces zodiac, one big tension of your life will be removed with there being the chances of monetary benefits.


These individuals might have to go through some physical problems. Hence, the eclipse might not be good for them.


The individuals of this zodiac need to stay away from any kinds of fights or arguments.


For the people of this zodiac, the mental tensions might increase, there being chances of monetary loss.


The people with this zodiac need to aware of the hidden enemies who might try to plot against them.

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