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    Amazing Benefits Of Rudraksha Beads


    Rudraksha is a sacred bead, especially used by the Shaivites, due to its relation with Lord Shiva. It is believed that once Lord Shiva was sitting in deep meditation, removing the sorrows from the lives of his devotees on the earth. As he opened his eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks, moved by the earthly suffering. These tears fell on the earth enabling the implantation of the Rudraksha tree.

    The word Rudraksha comes from - 'Rudra' meaning Shiva and 'Aksh' meaning tear. The Rudra-Aksha thus became the seeds of the Rudraksha tree.

    The benefits of Rudraksha

    The Rudraksha beads are strung together in a mala, and worn by people. It is believed that the Rudraksha beads protect a person from all kinds of negative energies. Atharva Veda speaks about various forms of energies and how they can be used for the benefit or the harm of others. A person wearing Rudraksha will never be affected by such negative energies. Thus, a Rudraksha mala is worn, which serves the dual purpose of protection and for use while enchanting sacred mantras.

    These beads have to be 108 in number, corresponding with the enchantment of 108 names of a deity or the chanting of a mantra 108 times. However, it is said that the number of beads should actually be 108 plus one. 108 beads become cyclic in nature and if the person chanting the mantras is sensitive, he might soon start feeling dizzy. The extra bead helps to avoid dizziness. Moreover, an adult must never wear a mala of beads lesser than 54 in number plus one.

    Rudraksha Beads Types and Benefits

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    There are many types of Rudraksha. Depending of the number of faces the seed has.
    Here we have mentioned the types and the benefits accrued by wearing them. Take a look.

    One Mukhi

    This enlightens the super consciousness and provides improved concentration. The wearer remains unattached with the materialistic world, despite enjoying all the pleasures at his commands.

    Two Mukhi

    This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with good relations with either his teacher, parents, spouse or friends or even with all. Hence, it brings unity and harmony in the life.

    Three Mukhi

    This is especially good for those who suffer from inferior complexes and low confidence. It benefits the wearer with purity, freeing him from all the sins of the past or the present life.

    Four Mukhi

    This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with creativity, art and intelligence. The memory of the person gets improved.

    Five Mukhi

    It lowers the blood pressure of the person who wears it and, thus, improves the health. This Rudraksha even blesses the person with wealth and prosperity.

    Six Mukhi

    It reduces the worldly suffering and helps to gain knowledge and awareness. It also helps him learn the true nature of materialistic pleasure and thus improves his life and relations.

    Seven Mukhi

    The one who wears spends his life happily, benefiting from wealth and progress in businesses. It is the most suitable for those who are suffering from physical, mental or financial problems.

    Eight Mukhi

    This Rudraksha is very powerful and helps attain both Ridhi and Sidhi. Because Ganesha, is the Swami or the Lord of this Rudraksha. Ridhi and Sidhia are his wives. It is also believed that it can change the mind of the enemy of the one who wears it, and thus bringing in peace in his life.

    Nine Mukhi

    The wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed with energy, power and fearlessness.

    Ten Mukhi

    Lord Vishnu being the Lord of this Rudraksha, all evils are driven away from his life for the one who wears this one.

    Eleven Mukhi

    Removes the problem relating to Yogic practices, helps in meditation and gives the wearer good vocabulary, righteousness and wisdom.

    Twelve Mukhi

    Increases the level of motivation and imbibes the qualities similar to those of Surya Dev. It is mainly beneficial for those in the position of authority.

    Thirteen Mukhi

    Gives riches, honour and all the desires of the wearer are fulfilled.

    Fourteen Mukhi

    The most precious divine gem, it is also known as Deva Mani. It awakens the sixth sense of the wearer and the person's decisions are never wrong.

    Fifteen Mukhi

    Since the Lord is Lord Pashupati, this Rudraksha is highly beneficial for economic progress. It helps to get rid of diseases as well.

    Sixteen Mukhi

    The house where this Rudraksha is kept is protected from robbery, fire etc. It is especially effective for the betterment of those living in forests as this protects the wearer from heat and cold.

    Seventeen Mukhi

    Representing Vishwakarma, the architect of the world, it is effective for earning wealth and property including vehicles.

    Eighteen Mukhi

    Brings happiness and good health to the wearer, therefore, it is highly beneficial to pregnant ladies.

    Nineteen Mukhi

    The person is benefited with all pleasures and never faces scarcity.

    Twenty Mukhi

    Lord Shiva makes true whatever the possessor of this Rudraksha speaks. Lord Shiva blesses the holy men and divine representations with this Rudraksha. They reach salvation and attain Moksha.

    Twenty One Mukhi

    The holy trinity along with all the other deities live in this Rudraksha. The person wearing this is not only benefited with all the leisures and pleasures of the materialistic world, but also attains Moksha in the end.

    Gouri Shankar

    These are two beads joined together. Worshiping this Rudraksha increases the harmony and peace in the family. It removes sufferings and it is highly auspicious to worship it.

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