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Never Eat These Things On A Saturday


Shani Dev is known as the lord of justice. It is said that he does not forgive a mistake ever. He has a record of all the good and bad karmas of our past life. When pleased he would shower all the blessings and fill our life with happiness. On the other side, life becomes troublesome if he is displeased with a person.

As per astrology, the position of the stars in the birth chart is believed to impact the life of an individual the most. It is said that when Saturn, the planet associated with Shani Dev, is not positioned favourably, it means that the person has done misdeeds in the past life. Moreover, Saturn stays in one zodiac for a period longer than the other planets. It is believed that the presence of Saturn in the birth chart causes negative effects, though it is not so always. The results can be favourable too. The effects depend on the relative position of the planet corresponding to other planets.

Various remedies are adopted to pacify or remove the negative effects. However, some precautions also need to be followed, says astrology. For example, there are certain things eating which on a Saturday, is believed to invite the wrath of Shani Dev. We have brought to you the list of those items, take a look.


1. Mango Pickle

No food can satisfy us without a pickle in the meal. And mango pickle is the most preferred among all the varieties. However, you should certainly avoid eating it on a Saturday. Eating it on a Saturday is believed to displease Shani Dev and cause a loss of wealth.


2. Milk Or Curd

Yes, you read it right. Milk is also on the list. Astrology says that we should not consume milk on a Saturday, however beneficial it might be for the health. Similarly, you should avoid consuming curd as well. However, both of these can be consumed after adding jaggery in them. Otherwise, all the important projects might get obstructed and delayed, says astrology.


3. Red Lentils

Avoiding red lentils would also be the right thing to do if you have to please Shani Dev. Astrology says that Mars becomes more active by eating these on a Saturday. This leads to Saturn affecting you more maliciously. This further invites financial problems in the house and the individual might suffer from all other kinds of monetary problems as well. Hence one should avoid consuming red lentils on a Saturday.


4. Red Chilli

Red chilli is a major ingredient which adds taste to the food. But it is also one of those items which invite the wrath of Shani Dev the most. It is said that it becomes almost impossible to escape his anger if one eats red chilli on a Saturday. Never add red chilli or red chilli powder in food on a Saturday.


5. Alcohol

Shani Dev does not like those who consume alcohol. One should avoid consuming it on a Saturday. More so, if Saturn is not placed at a favourable position in the birth chart. It invites the wrath of this deity, and it might lead to a lot of problems in life. The chances of accidents increase if you consume alcohol on a Saturday.


6. Mustard Oil

One should not consume mustard oil on a Saturday. It should only be used for religious purposes. Mustard oil is one of the favourite items and one of the most popular offerings to Shani Dev. One should light a diya (lamp) in oil before Shani Dev on this day. More so, if the Saturn is placed unfavourably in the birth chart.

How To Please Shani Dev


7. Black Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds are also one of the most popular offerings to Shani Dev. He can be pleased sooner by offering these on a Saturday. But the consumption of black sesame seeds on this day certainly invites his wrath. It is considered equal to dishonouring him. However, offering laddo made of black sesame seeds to him on a Saturday is considered auspicious.

Story first published: Saturday, September 8, 2018, 13:20 [IST]