Details On The Solah Shringar For Hariyali Teej

By Subodini Menon

Hariyali Teej is celebrated every year on the Tritiya of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Sawan. According to the Gregorian calendar, Hariyali Teej will be celebrated on the 26th of July this year.

Hariyali Teej is an important festival for the women folk of the Hindu religion. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in the northern states of India. It is also an important festival in Nepal.

Solah Shringar On Hariyali Teej

Hariyali Teej is symbolic of the love that Goddess Parvati or Teej Mata has for her husband, Lord Shiva. On this day, the women worship Goddess Parvati and keep fasts to please her.

It is believed that married women who perform the Vrat and do the Pooja will be immensely blessed with a long and healthy life for their husbands. Unmarried women do so to receive the blessing of a good husband as per their wishes.

During this festival, the women wear new clothes and deck themselves up with jewellery. They also put in a lot of time and effort to beautify themselves and look their best.

Solah Shringar or the sixteen things of beautification are used to bring the best out of their looks. Today, we shall look at what these Solah Shringar items are. Read on to know more.



Bindis are one of the most important things of Shringar for married women. The bindi used is usually in red colour, but many colours are also available in the market today.


Vermilion or Sindoor

Sindoor in the parting of the hair is a symbol of marriage and Suhaag. It is an indispensable part of Solah Shringar if one is married.


Maang Teeka

Maang Teeka or the jewellery that is worn on the parting of the hair is used to beautify a woman's forehead. Maang teekas made out of gold are very popular.



Khol, anjana or kajal is perhaps the most famous of the Solah Shringar. It is used to line the eyes and make them look more defined and beautiful. It's used to uplift the whole look of a woman.


Nose Pin or Nath

Nath is a traditional nose pin that is most commonly worn on the left nostril. It can be of different sizes and the larger ones are usually supported with a chain that is pinned into the hair.


Necklaces or Haar

Necklaces are some of the most opulent and expensive parts of the Solah Shringar. It is usually heavy and can be made from gold, diamonds and other precious stones.


Earrings or Karna Phool

The earrings are also usually heavy pieces of jewellery. They are usually made to match the necklaces.


Henna or Mehandi

The red tattoos made on the palms of women using henna are an important sign of femininity. It is more important for married women. It is said to have the power to strengthen the bond between the husband and wife.


Bangles or Choodiyan

Colourful bangles made out of glass or wax is used to adorn the wrists of women. Green and red colours are thought to be very auspicious. Bangles made out of gold is also very popular during Teej.


Armlets or Baajuband

Armlets of various designs are used to beautify the arms of a woman. They can be as simple as a chain or may be very heavy. The popular designs belong to the Rajasthani, Jaipuri and Mughal styles.


Finger Rings or Arasi

Finger rings are an important part of the jewellery set used by women on Teej. Arasi is a thumb ring that usually has a mirror on it. This helps the woman to discreetly take a look at herself when among a crowd.


Keshaparsharchana or Hairstyle

Hairstyle makes up an important part of the complete look of a woman. There are many ways that the hair can be arranged but the traditional style is the common braid. The braid is then decorated with flowers and/or jewellery.


Waist Band or Kamarbandh

Kamarbandh is used to give a neat and defined look to the woman's waist and the whole attire. It is generally made from gold and may have intricate work of precious stones.


Anklets And Toe Rings/Payal And Bichuas

The anklets and the toe rings together are used to decorate a woman's feet. The anklets have bells attached that make a pleasing sound while walking. The toe rings are generally worn by married women as a sign of Suhag.



Perfume is used to lend the woman a pleasant smell. It is believed that the perfume is chosen to keep the woman fresh and happy.


Clothes or Attire

The women choose grand and heavy clothes on the occasion of Teej. The clothes and the rest of the Solah Shringar is planned to complete the look.

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