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This Is How Meghanad, The Son Of Ravana Died


Meghanad, the son of Ravana, is also known as the only Atimaharathi ever born on earth. He was the only man excessively skilled in the art of warfare. The word "meghanad" is a Sanskrit word which means "the thunder of the clouds". He was so named because it is believed that at the time of his birth, the cry he let out was thundering.

Birth Of Meghanad

At the time of the birth of Meghanad, Ravana performed hard penances to request the planets and the constellations to stay in the eleventh house of the birth chart of his son. He wanted a child with all the desired qualities to be born as his son. But Saturn denied his request. It is also said that using his supernatural powers, he even fought a battle with Shani Dev.

The Power And The Boons That He Possessed

However, after a few years, when Meghanad was born, he sat for a hard penance, too, through deep meditation, like his father, in order to please Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. He acquired celestial weapons from all three of them as well as from Guru Shukra.

Meghanad is believed to have been the only possessor of the weapons of the Trinity, the Brahmanda astra, the Vaishnavastra and the Pashupatastra. Along with these, he was equally versed in the art of magical warfare, sorcery and tantra.

It is believed that once Lord Brahma gave him a boon because of which he became immortal. Once, during a battle between Meghanada and Ravana on one side and Lord Indra on the other side, Lord Brahma had intervened and ordered Meghanad to stop. When Meghanad obeyed, Lord Brahma was pleased by him and told him to ask for a boon.

Meghanad expressed his desire to become immortal. But since it was not possible, Lord Brahma said that he could only be killed by a man who had not had sleep for the past ten days. Lord Brahma gave him another boon that he will get a chariot after performing a yagna, riding on which he could kill anybody.

In another story, Lord Shiva, while he gave the astra to Meghanad, had advised that he should not attack a celibate man who has stayed in a forest for twelve years.

But, Meghanad was a demon and no demon can live forever. Every demon has a weakness which ultimately becomes a reason for their destruction. Never ever have the gods let a demon live forever. Meghanad was that powerful that he could attack anyone while being invisible as well.

But as we know, with power comes pride, this pride multiplies over time and brings in destruction. This is what happened with Meghanad as well. Under excessive power, he remembered just the boons and forgot about the limitations behind them.

Meghanad Attacked Lakshman

He attacked Lakshman, the brother of Lord Ram, and the incarnation of Sheshnag. It happened when all the brothers of Meghanand had died, and he headed on to kill the brothers Lord Ram and Lakshman. In the first attack, he captivated the brothers in a trap made of snakes. But Garuda rescued them from the trap.

Next, he swore to kill at least one of the brothers. He attacked Lord Ram, using sorcery and black magic, but this time Lord Hanuman saved him when he brought the Sanjeevani Booti.

Meghanad Vadh (Death Of Meghanad)

Now the time had come for him to be killed. He made the biggest mistake of his life. He attacked Lakshman, who was celibate and had stayed in a forest for at least twelve years, with the weapon given by Lord Shiva. He was surprised to see that neither of the three weapons given by the Trinity could kill Lakshman.

All his weapons and his powers fell weak just like Lord Shiva had warned him. As his powers failed, this warrior, the only Atimaharathi ever born on earth, was attacked by Lakshman to meet his death.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 17:45 [IST]