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The Story Of Eklavya And Guru Dronacharya
Eklavya wanted to learn archery in order to save the deer that were being hunted by the leopards in the forest. He pitied at their helplessness and thought he would help them. Guru Dronacharya was a master of archery and his ...
The Story Of Eklavya And Dronacharya
Mahabharata: People You Should Never Tell Your Secrets To
Mahabharata is a source of inspiration for anyone and everyone who is at the crossroads of life. The situations and incidents narrated in the epic are such that everybody can relate to. The largest epic that consists of 100,000 shlokas in ...
Mahabharata Never Share Your Secrets With These People
Bhishma Ashtami, The Death Anniversary Of Bhishma Pitamah
A great warrior, a man of his words and an inspiring leader, Bhishma Pitamah was not just a great character in the Mahabharata, but also became a historical figure who will continue to be remembered for ages and forever. The uncle ...
Why Did Duryodhana Go To Heaven?
The common belief in the Hindu philosophy is that the actions of humans can be divided into two types: good Karma and bad Karma (also called Punya and Paap, respectively). Good Karma is that which is done for the benefit of ...
Why Did Duryodhana Go Heaven
The Story Of Arjuna's Pride And An Ascetic
Arjuna knew that victory in the battle of the Mahabharata would not have been possible without the help of Lord Krishna. He felt lucky for being so dear to him, that the Lord himself helped them throughout the battle. In fact, ...
Lord Krishna: Five Ways To End Poverty
Lord Vishnu has taken many avatars and has helped the humans restore Dharma on earth. His avatar as Lord Krishna has been one of the most inspiring ones. As Lord Krishna in Treta Yuga, he lived an exemplary life and saved ...
Lord Krishna Five Ways To End Poverty
18 Simple Lessons From The Mahabharata That Will Change Your Life
The Mahabharata, the biggest epic ever, unfolds beautiful treasures for its readers, giving them not just the solutions to various problems, but a thousand reasons to smile as well. Though comprehending the secrets that hide inside the eighteen chapters of ...
Lessons From Mahabharata
Lesser-known Facts About Shakuni
Shakuni was one of the most important characters in the Mahabharata. He was the main supporter of the Kauravas. He is often depicted as a clever, sharp and selfish man. Shakuni was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas. We have brought ...
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