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Stories About Lord Kubera: The Hindu God Of Money

By Subodini Menon

Lord Kubera is one of the many Gods of the Hindu Pantheon who is still revered by many as the god of wealth and the treasurer of the gods. It is a very common misconception that Goddess Lakshmi is the deity of wealth. Technically, she is the goddess of good fortune, and has the power to bestow her devotees with wealth. To have a life free of financial crisis, you must worship Lord Kubera along with Goddess Lakshmi.

Appearance of God Kubera

Kubera is the King of Yakshas. Yakshas are unattractive and have gnome-like features. They are often depicted as stout creatures with pot-bellies. Kubera's complexion is described as similar to that of a lotus flower. He possesses three legs and his teeth are only eight in number. His left eye is discoloured and looks yellow.

He carries a pot of gold coins in one of his hands and is decked with jewellery. His other hand shows him holding a pomegranate, a mace and sometimes a money bag.

Lord Kubera is also often seen holding a mongoose in his hand. The mongoose is often made of gold and it spits precious gems when it opens its mouth.

He rides the Pushpaka Vimana. It was gifted to him by none other than Lord Brahma. It was later stolen by his half-brother, Ravana.

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Lord Kubera and Lord Shiva

The Yakshas as a whole are thought to have a good relation with the Shiva Ganas. This might be due to the fact that Lord Shiva and his Ganas do not look down upon these hideous looking beings. Lord Kubera, the King of Yakshas, is thought to be very close to Lord Shiva. It is said that it is easier to please Lord Kubera if he is worshipped along with Lord Shiva, and vice-versa.

Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi

The legends of the goddess of fortune and the god of wealth are always intertwined. One story says that Lord Varun, or the god of the seas, is a form of Lord Kubera. As Goddess Lakshmi was born out of the seas, it is thought that Lord Kubera is the father of Goddess Lakshmi. In another version, Nidhi (the goddess of accumulation of wealth) and Riddhi (the goddess of growth of wealth) are the wives of Kubera. They are thought to be the forms of Goddess Lakshmi.

No matter which version you believe, it is undeniable that you will find prosperity by being devoted to these two deities.

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Lord Kubera and Lord Venkatesha

The wealth of Lord Kubera has no bounds. He is said to be so rich that he is the only god who can ride a man; hence, is called 'Naravahana'.

Lord Kubera is so rich that the Lord of Tirupati, Lord Venkatesha, borrowed money from him. Lord Venkatesha vowed to repay the loan with the money he received as offerings from his devotees. So, offerings to Lord Venkatesha ultimately reach Lord Kubera. Devotion to Lord Venkatesha will also bring you wealth.

Festivals and Poojas dedicated to Lord Kubera.

  • Dhanteras- Dhantrayodashi or Dhanteras is the festival dedicated to Lord Kubera. This is an auspicious day to perform poojas for Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi. It is a good day to buy gold too.
  • Sharad Poornima- Sharad Poornima marks the birthday of Lord Kubera. Worshipping him on this day pleases Lord Kubera immensely.
  • Trayodashi and Poornima days are the other days that are set aside for the worship of Lord Kubera.

    Temples of Lord Kubera

    You will not find many temples dedicated to Lord Kubera. There are two that hold special significance.

    Kubera Bhandari Temple

    Located in Gujarat on the banks of the river Narmada, this temple marks the place where Lord Kubera performed Tapas. The temple is around 2,500 years old and is thought to have been built by Lord Shiva himself.

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    Dhopeshwar Mahadev Temple

    This temple is unique because it depicts the relationship between Lord Shiva and Lord Kubera. The idol shows both the gods together and such depiction cannot be found anywhere else.

    Mantras of Lord Kubera

    There are a few Mantras that can be chanted to win Lord Kubera's grace.

    Chanting these mantras in the evening and at night are beneficial. Eclipses, Akshaya tritiya, Deepavali and Dhanteras are the days when these mantras are more effective.

    Kubera Dhana Prapti Mantra

    ||Om Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Vitteshwaraya Namah||

    Kubera Ashta-Lakshmi Mantra

    ||Om Hreem Shreem Kreem Shreem Kuberaya Ashta-Lakshmi

    Mama Grihe Dhanam Puraya Puraya Namah||

    Kubera Mantra

    ||Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye

    Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha||

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