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13 Types Of Cyber Crimes Women Need To Stay Careful About

It's high time when as a society, we need to ensure the safety of women. The safety shouldn't be only in physical form but also in the context of cyber security. For that reason, cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate.

There is no denying that the internet has eased our lives in many ways. From connecting to distant loved ones to buying something, one can always take the help of the internet. But every day hundreds of innocent and not-so-tech-savvy people, especially women become prey to cybercrimes. It is needless to mention that any news, photos, videos, and audio can spread over the internet like a fire. Also, one can not always delete what's on the internet. For that reason, even if you have deleted a file, someone might re-upload it and hence, it may get circulated once again. Also, somebody can get access to your personal details and misuse it.


In order to alert women and girls and help them from falling to the prey of cybercrimes, Karnataka Police have released a series of sketches with stories in it where you can understand how one can misuse you. But if you haven't gone through those sketches then you don't have to worry. For that reason, we are here to tell you about the ways that one can use against you as a cybercrime.

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We have no intention of scaring you but to give you an idea about how things can turn bitter if not paid attention.


1. Misuse Of Phone Numbers

One of the most common places where your number can be misused is the mobile recharge shop. Since you are supposed to give your number in order to get it recharged, the retailer or someone else present at the shop can take your number and misuse it. The person may start calling you or send you some random or unethical messages.

If you go through the sketch PDF released by the Karnataka police, you will find that they have described how a retailer woos a girl and later takes advantage of her. We are not saying that you should not disclose your number while getting it recharged. But make sure you do not indulge in talks other than the business.


2. Key Logger

At times you may have heard how someone just lost a huge amount through online payment medium, even without revealing the credentials. This may seem weird but it is possible as 'Key logger' helps in the same. It is malicious software which when installed in someone's computer, laptop or mobile can record the keystrokes of your login credentials. Not only this, but many other confidential details can be accessed.

Therefore, make sure you have locked your system and avoid giving your device's access to someone in your absence. You may not know what somebody might be planning against you.


3. Debit Card Fraud

It doesn't matter to what extent you trust your friend, roommate or colleagues, revealing your debit card pin can make you lose your hard-earned money. You may receive calls from people who claim to be a representative of the bank, you have your account in. These people will then tell you 'it is mandatory for you to upgrade your card else, you won't be able to withdraw your money'. Afterward, they will ask you for your debit card's pin number assuring you that this will be used to upgrade your debit card.


4. Call Spoofing

This is one of the deadliest tricks used by the scammers through which they try to impersonate someone else by changing their voice and numbers. If you go through the sketches made by the Karnataka Police, you will find how a scammer tricks a woman by impersonating her son.

The scammer calls and demands a hefty amount by pretending to be her son. The woman sends the amount and later realises that she has become a victim of 'Call Spoofing'.

It is better to cross-check before sending money to others.


5. SMS Spoofing

You might have received messages from unknown addresses or number claiming themselves to be a representative of an e-commerce company. They may declare you as a lucky winner and will then ask you to redeem your prize amount by depositing some money. As soon as you do the same, you will not only lose the amount that you deposited but will also realise that you were tricked through SMS spoofing.

The same thing has been explained through the sketches made in the PDF by the Karnataka Police.


6. Cyber Stalking

At times, you may upload many of your pictures and whereabouts on social media. But do you know this can actually backfire you? For that reason, people might misuse your information against you. They may then try to harass you.

Therefore, it is better to be careful before revealing your personal information and whereabouts.

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7. Profile Hacking

This is one of the most common cybercrimes today. Profile hacking is a scenario when someone hacks your profile and misuses it. The person may post some comprising details that can make you land in trouble.

Therefore, make sure to log out of your social media platforms if you are using public laptops or computers such as in the office, cyber café, etc. Also, you have logged in using somebody's device, do not forget to log out.


8. Dating Website

One can fool and trick you emotionally through dating websites. There can be instances when a smooth talker will woo you, after which you will feel comfortable in sharing your details and photos. But the person can then extort money from you by misusing your pictures and videos. Also, the person may take advantage of you whilst hiding his relationship status.

Therefore, make sure you cross-check the person before putting your trust into him. For this, you can take the help of your friends as well.


9. Ransom Ware

It is a kind of malicious software that is carried mostly through attachments in emails. The scammers will send random emails to people along with an attachment. As soon as you download the attachment, the ransomware present in the file locks your system, preventing your access and demands of a ransom in order to unlock the system. Unless you don't pay the ransom amount, you won't be able to unlock or access your system.

Therefore, it is advisable that you install an antitrust in your system and avoid opening emails from unknown people.


10. Camera Hacking

One can hack your camera after which your numerous pictures can be clicked even without your consent. This happens when someone installs malware or if you unknowingly download an attachment that contains camera hacking malware.

Therefore, make sure you have a proper lock on your phone as well as a camera guard.


11. Job Call Letters

Those who are desperately in need of a job might not leave any chance. But you need to act smart by checking the authenticity and veracity of the company from which you were offered a job. For that reason, many people are asked for money in order to receive their call letter. Also, the company then turns out to be fake. Not only this, many girls are called for an interview at a hotel and are then made to drink something which makes them unconscious. This way, a person can take advantage of you by exploiting you physically. Therefore, before responding to a job call, make sure you have verified it strictly.


12. Deepfakes

It is a technique wherein some new videos, audio and images can be imposed into the original video, audio and pictures. It is done in such a way that the viewers can't tell if it is fake or real. Therefore, make sure you do not add strangers on your social media and to be quick in taking strict action against those who misuse your videos, audio and pictures.


13. Picture Morphing

If you are the one who adds unknown people on your social media without thinking twice then you need to be careful. There can be an instance that someone who follows you will try to avenge you by morphing your picture and uploading it on various internet platforms. This can happen to girls who reject the proposals of some fanatic boys.

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We hope the above-written will help you in saving yourself from dangerous cybercrimes. You need to understand that your safety is quite important for you and therefore, do not compromise with it.

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