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10 Things You Should Never Tell To A Woman While She Is On Her Periods

Menstruation is a part of any woman's life and it is quite natural. Every woman goes through this in her lifetime. People often think that during periods women are aggressive and get annoyed easily. However, this is not the truth. The thing is they go through extreme cramps and uneasiness during their period. Therefore, when something unexpected or wrong happens, they lose their cool. As a man, you may have definitely wished for taking away some pain of your lady love while she is chumming as it indeed is dreadful to see women going through such pain and still trying their best to act normal.

But there's something that you can do while your girl is on her periods. You can try your best to not annoy her through your words and action. To know what those things are that you must not say to her when she is on her periods, scroll down the article.

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1. 'The Look On Your Face Says You're Having Cramps.'

This could be one of the most stupid things that you can say to a woman while she on her periods. Not all women have excruciating cramps during their periods. For some women, the pain lasts only for a few hours while others may have mild cramps. But that doesn't mean you will go and enquire if she is going through cramps. Maybe she is upset over something else and therefore, it's foolishness to associate her expression with periods.

2. 'Do You Feel Like Hitting People In Their Faces?'

Yes, women would certainly feel like hitting you in the face if you don't stop annoying them. It's true that women go through mood swings during their periods and therefore, even a little thing may annoy them. But that doesn't mean that they want to hit everyone in their faces. The thing is they already go through extreme pain and hormonal changes make them feel uneasy. Instead of asking such a stupid question, it is better that you act normal.

3. 'What's Wrong With Your Mood?'

And what's wrong with yours that you asked such a question? How would you feel if you were bleeding for the entire day, experienced pain in your abdomen, waist, head along with the hormonal changes and still had to act as if everything is alright? You may find it difficult to tolerate nonsense and stay calm when things don't go in the right manner. The same happens with women while they are menstruating.

Also, it is not necessary that if a woman is not in her good mood then she is chumming. Maybe she is upset over something else.

4. 'How Can You Bleed For 5 Days And Not Die?'

This is because menstruation is a natural process and it doesn't take away entire blood from a woman's body. Every month some amount of blood is collected in the uterus which is intended for nourishing the embryo if a woman conceives. This is a process that prepares a woman's body for pregnancy. But when she is not pregnant, the egg along with the blood lining breaks and comes out. This process is known as menstruation or periods.

5. 'You Just Had Your Period Last Month.'

Didn't you know that periods occur after every 28 days? So, it is obvious that she will get her periods every month and there's nothing shocking in it. Asking this question from a woman will definitely make you sound stupid and annoying.

6. 'You Must Not Wear White.'

Just because women have a constant fear of staining their clothes with blood, that doesn't mean they can't wear white clothes. A woman has the right to wear whatever she wants to, irrespective of whether or not she is on her periods. Moreover, she will ensure that her dress doesn't get spoiled due to bloodstains on them.

7. 'Do You Want To Eat All The Chocolates And Ice-Creams?'

It is true that women eat chocolates and ice-creams when they are chumming. But not every woman does so. Some of them would prefer to read a book or take some rest. Moreover, just because a woman is eating chocolates and ice-creams during her periods, that doesn't mean she will eat the entire stock.

8. 'You Must Not Walk And Do Other Activities.'

It is good to know that you are concerned for her, therefore, you do not want her to walk and do other activities. But she has been dealing with her periods ever since she attained her puberty. She knows how to handle her daily work without letting anyone know that she is bleeding. You don't have to tell her what to do and what not to do. We are not saying that you can show your concern but let her do things according to her comfort.

9. 'Don't You Feel Disgusted?'

Yes, she does feel disgusted. But something which is more disgusting is the way you ask illogical questions. It is not that easy to be on your periods and live your life normally. You can never imagine the hidden pain behind that cheerful smile on her face. She needs to keep her cramps, mood swings and discomfort to herself.

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10. 'Have You Ever Thought Getting Rid Of Periods?'

I am sure that almost every woman on the earth would have secretly wished for getting rid of periods. After all, what could be more discomforting than bleeding after every 28 days along with nausea, cramps and mood swings. But since it is a natural process and necessary for the survival of mankind, women learn to live with it. It is after menopause, women no more menstruate.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 6, 2020, 14:03 [IST]