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KM Abharna: Some Interesting Facts About The ‘Sherni’ Woman

Sherni, the recently released movie over the OTT platform revolves around the man and animal fight. The movie stars Vidya Balan in the lead role. She portrays the role of KM Abharna, a dedicated Indian Forest Service officer who handled this case. While handling this case, her main focus was on catching Avni, a disturbed tigress alive. Vidya Balan has given her best in this movie. Perhaps, ever since the movie released, people just can't resist themselves from talking about KM Abharna.

The movie narrates the story of KM Abharna and the way she formed an all-women team in order to carry a search operation of Avni. While carrying out the search operation, KM Abharna faces some political and societal pressures. Today we are here to tell you more about her. Scroll down to read on.

1. If you go through the history pages, you will know that Indian Forest Service, didn't include women till 1980. However, at present, over five thousand women are now working as frontline workers in the IFS.

2. KM Abharna is one of the women officers working in IFS. currently, she is serving as Director of Bamboo Research and Training Centre in Maharashtra.

3. While she was handling the case of Avni, KM Abharna was serving as the Deputy Conservator of Forest in the Pandharkavda division.

4. In order to search for Avni and catch her alive, KM Abharna set up a women forest guard team that remained in touch with the villagers living in that area.

5. She also installed numerous camera traps at various locations to monitor the movement of Avni and catch her.

6. Later she was assigned the role of Assistant Conservator Forest Officer. While serving on this post, she studies and worked extensively on the monkey menace in over 40 villages of Dergaon Range, Golghat Forest Division, Assam.

7. She planned extensively to handle the man-monkey conflict effortlessly in the same area.

8. She was also posted as the in-charge of the Central Range of Kaziranga National Park. While working in that area, she worked hard on reducing the poaching of one-horned rhinoceros.

9. In 2016-17, she banned the use of plastic and illegal fishing in the area.

Story first published: Monday, June 28, 2021, 18:20 [IST]