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Internet, A Matrimonial Platform
Older adults turn to the Internet to find “The Perfect One” mainly because of the time constraints they have in their busy lives. Alicia Cast, an associate professor of sociology at the Iowa State University and her graduate research assistant, Jamie ...
Online Dating Time Shortage

Does Work Cut Down On Family Time?
In the modern day lifestyle, workplace does interfere a lot with personal life. As many as 50 per cent of people bring their work home more than three days a week. Data from a national survey of 1,800 American ...
Rate Your Boss Performance
Companies are being urged to allow staff to rate their managers' ability. This practice of letting the boss know what his employees think of them through constructive feedback, will make employees happy, healthy and stress-free, according to ...
Managers Workers Workplace Stress
Will Posh Say Yes To Cowell's Offer?
Simon Cowell is pushing Victoria Beckham to join the judges' panel of the US X Factor, is the recent big news.A source reveals that, when Cowell asked Posh Spice to be in the judge panel of US X Factor, she was ...
Spices And Kitchenware By Padma Lakshmi
After introducing eponymous line of jewellery, Indian American beauty, Padma Lakshmi has ventured into spices and kitchenware.The Top Chef host, who's pregnant with her first child, launched a line of spices, teas and kitchenware for the Home Shopping Network. ...
Padma Lakshmi Spices Kitchenware
Do Working Parents Loose On Their Age?
Parents who balance family life and professional life feel 11 years older than their stay-at-home counterparts. Going to office and raising kids together make them feel older than their age.The average 46 year old juggling parent have the ...
When You Sing A Long Lullaby, Your Career Swing!
There is a long debate on the pros and cons of career on a woman's family life. However it has been officially proven that the family life can definitely affect a woman's career prospects. A woman's career is ...
Maternity Leaves Woman Career
Redefining Holidays
For every child, holidays come with a happy note. However, at the end of the holidays, how happy are the 'Happy Holidays?'A research by Wake Forest University has challenged the traditional view of happy holidays by pointing out ...
The Boss Knows It All!
The next time you arrive late for work, don’t start giving excuses to your boss, for employers don't believe excuses for coming in late.Only 7 per cent of bosses trust the reasons given by their employees for being ...
Late For Work Excuse
Recession Can Lead To Workplace Aggression
As the recession forces more and more companies to fire employees, a workplace aggression expert has suggested that employers should tailor the bad news in a way that will minimises the after effects on the employee. The company's ...
All Work And No Play Makes Jack A 'Depressed' Boy!
Are you restricting your kids from playing out? Beware! You are suppressing many of his future opportunities.Kids, who do not get enough playtimes in early childhood, tend to suffer from depression and mental illness in adolescence. About one ...
Kids Playtime
The Fluctuating Stress Of Retirement
If you are above 50 years and approaching the retirement life and experiencing fluctuations in stress levels, consider it as common! Older workers are healthy survivors of the workplace as stress levels at work peak when people reach ...
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