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Traffic Signals Will Now Control Fuel Consumption
With technology introducing something new everyday, men seem to sit back and let them do all the work. Reportedly, now traffic lights will be equipped to control your vehicle's engine and improve its fuel efficiency.IBM has already filed a patent on ...
Motorists Spend Six Months Of Lives In Traffic Jams!
An average motorist spends six months of his or her life in traffic jams, a new UK study has found.The research says that many of the traffic jams are 'phantom' bottlenecks which appear for no apparent reason and then disperse. ...
Traffic Jams Trouble Lives
Here Are Sensual Girls To Steal Amorous Men’s Cars!
Here are now, sensual women who come to take out amorous men’s passion. They are helping car theft syndicates steal amorous businessmen’s luxury vehicles. Many businessmen loose their cars after being seduced by these women.The women persuade their victims ...
Bond Style Jet, A Reality Now
The James Bond style jetpack is now a reality. Invented by German entrepreneur Hermann Ramke, the creation draws its inspiration from Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear. The jet can propel the rider in air up to ...
New Vehicles Jet
Custom-made Vans For Indian Elections
The political elections this time are going to be held in style. To make it happen is an enterprenuer from Hyderabad, K. Sudhakar, the owner of Sudha cars. Sudhalkar has already made a small fortune for himself and is also ...
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