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Funny Viral Video: Learn From These People How To Celebrate Your Bike's Birthday

We often come across people around us who are obsessed with other people. But, there are some who become obsessed with inanimate objects such as a toy, music system, a car or maybe a bike.

They are not only attached to these objects but become quite sensitive about it and touching or using it by any other person can really bother them. But, were you ever so obsessed with your vehicle that you thought of celebrating its birthday? Yes, recently a Tik-Tok video became viral and it showed people are celebrating the bike's birthday and cutting a cake.

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The video made using the Tik Tok was shared on Facebook after which it went viral and people couldn't control their emotions. Though we don't know who is the owner of the bike, he may be the one sitting on the vehicle. In the 18 seconds video clip, you can find a cute cake placed in front of the bike. A knife was pasted on the bike's tyre with the help of black tapes on the bike's tyre. The owner moved his bike in such a way that it could cut the cake.

Other people can be seen cheering for the celebration. Moreover, there was a birthday song too that was playing in the background.

Well, this is something quite unusual but netizens are having a good time watching this video and here is what they are saying:

One Facebook user has commented, 'Bikes are love'. While another user said that the owner's love for his bike is something crazy. A user wrote that he will be welcoming his friend's bike in the same manner while for other the idea seemed to be quite innovative.

Another user also tagged his friend in the comment section and wrote, "You can also plan your car's birthday today in a similar way."

Story first published: Monday, January 6, 2020, 17:31 [IST]