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What Does A Pap Smear Test Tell You?
A Pap smear is a microscopic examination of the cells collected as a sample from the uterine cervix. It is named after the doctor who created this screening test. What Is Pap Smear Test? Also called Pap test, Pap smear is ...
Should You Do Genetic Testing Before Getting Pregnant?
When a baby is born, it carries two sets of genes, from the mother and the father. The combination of genes from its parents decide the looks and personality of the baby. What the babies may also inherit from their parents ...
Should You Do Genetic Testing Before Getting Pregnant
Neonatal Screening: What Is Guthrie Test & What Can It Tell You?
Did you know that while most babies look healthy, there are some disorders that may not be externally visible? Early diagnosis and treatment of such disorders can help prevent serious complications in the future that may otherwise cause permanent damage to ...
Why Is Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) Done?
Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) is advised in pregnancies when there is a high risk of the baby having a serious inherited condition. CVS is a prenatal test that helps in detecting specific abnormalities in the unborn baby. The placenta plays a ...
Why Is Chorionic Villus Sampling Done
Can I do pregnancy test 12 days after sex?
The joy of getting to know that you are pregnant when you had been trying to conceive for a while or the stress you go through when an unplanned pregnancy is about to come your way, both these scenarios have its ...
Test To Predict Breast Cancer Risk Developed
According to the World Health organization (WHO), cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. Of all forms of cancer, breast cancer is the major one accounting to 5,71,000 deaths every year. As it is well said that prevention is ...
Test For Breast Cancer Risk Developed
New Google Test To Help Diagnose Depression
Looking up "depression" on Google will now allow users in the US to check whether they are clinically depressed, thanks to a new self-assessment feature added to the popular search engine. The feature, launched for users in the US, will provide ...
Choose An Instrument And Know About Yourself
Selecting one of the instruments will define your personality and we are here to help you know all about it! All that you need to do is select any one out of the 4 musical instruments and we shall share the ...
Choose Musical Instrument To Reveal Your Personality
Right Time To Start Checking For Diabetes
What is the right time to start checking your blood sugar levels? This is a question that keeps haunting many minds. Before we discuss this topic, it is very essential for us to understand what diabetes is, what the symptoms of ...
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