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Sun Tan

Face Packs For Cool Summer Skin
It is very important to care for your skin in every season. As summer is coming closer, your skin is going to get more exposed to sun and dirt. Sweating can also damage your skin so, you have to precisely pay ...
Face Packs Cool Skin Summer

Facts About Sunscreens You Must Know
Summer is here and it is time to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. We all stuff our bags with sunscreens to fight the harmful UV rays of the sun. We coat our skin with sunscreen 20-30 minutes before ...
Skin Benefits Of Cool Peppermint
We have peppermint leaves as a mouth freshener to feel fresh and prevent mouth odour. Though very few of us are aware about the health and beauty benefits that comes out of peppermint. Peppermint has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that not ...
Skin Benefits Of Peppermint
Remove Sunburn With Tea
As summer is around, the season to walk on the streets with scorching heat of the sun is evident. Sunburn is a common skin problem that people face during summers. While few people die to get the tanned skin, there are ...
Natural Tanning Oils For A Healthy Tan
Fair skin has always been the bench mark of beauty. That is why, the colour of the skin has been the cause of widespread racism and discrimination in the past. Thankfully, things have changed in the modern times. Milky white complexion ...
Natural Tanning Oils For Healthy Tan
Expensive Tanning Beds In The World!
There  are many ways to get that perfect tan this season like going to the beach or simply signing yourself into tanning centers which are becoming popular as many want to get that so called natural tanned skin. There are ...
Ets Tanning Beds Expensive Centers 270411 Aid
Perfect Tanning Centers In California!
Its all about getting that perfect sun tan which draws all eyes on you and if it is not the sun who is going to set your body a blast, you should opt for tanning centers which indeed is creating fame ...
Remove Suntan Through Home Remedies
After a long vacation, you bring back sweet memories of your trip along with a new tan look.A tan can make you look disastrous when you plan to wear a lovely dress that hugs your curves. The only way to remove ...
Remove Suntan Home Remedies
Pale Skinned People Should Not Use Sunbeds
The red-haired freckly people should find self tan products, which will be far effective than the methods of sun tanning, says the dermatologists. The fair complexioned people with red hair generally use sunbeds to tan their skin. They have the ...
Pale Skinned Do Not Use Sunbeds
Your Summer Skincare Schedule
Summer is here again and you can feel the heat already! Keeping away the woollens and preparing your wardrobe with summer clothes are your weekend plans, but how have you decided to take care of your skin?Remember, summer brings along skin ...
Myths About Using Sunscreen Lotions
Protecting our skin from the intense sunrays is vital. Using sunscreen lotions are the most obvious way of protecting ourself from the sun rays. However, there are many myths and misconceptions circulating the use of sunscreen lotions.Myth No. 1Sunscreen lotions prevent ...
Myth Facts Sunscreen
Sun Allergy Causes And Treatments
The Sun can cause a lot of disastrous effects to your skin apart from the dark skin tan. The red cheeks which you get whenever you are out in sun can be something called the Sun Allergy. Sun Allergy is a ...
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