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Sex Drive

  • Sex and food have a long, complicated history. We've all heard that what we eat can have psychosomatic and physiological effects on us. In part because of mythology and partly because of science, we've settled on the fact that what turns ...
  • Spicing up your sex life the natural way is the best option. Not only is it safe, but also has close to no severe side effects. So, what makes a sexual experience great? Well, along with the usual things like a ...
  • Looking for ways to improve your sex life is nothing uncommon. The central factor responsible for amazing sex life is nothing but an impressive sex drive. Lack of libido or a decreased sex drive is one amongst the most common health ...
  • Having a healthy sex drive is essential, in so many ways. Mostly taken for granted, having sex is not something everyone is interested in. Loss of sexual desire equally affects both men and women. Known in medical terms as hypoactive sexual ...
  • Do you use birth control pills? And have you been feeling a little low - not in the mood? Then, your birth control pills may be the reason. Yes, some birth control pills can have a direct impact on women's sex ...
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