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Beauty Products For Men To Use When Travelling
Every man is very different from the other. For some, packing a few clothes can even make a month-long trip possible; while for the others, even for a weekend tour, they pack a suitcase. But for both kinds of men, the ...
Must Own Beauty Products When A Man Is Travelling
How To Preserve Beauty Products For Long-lasting Use
It often happens that you bring out an old handbag from the closet and find your one-time favourite lipstick inside. Yet, the lipstick cannot be used anymore because the expiry date is gone and it is unsafe for your skin. Preserving ...
10 Basic Skincare To-dos To Start In Your 20s
Skincare in the 20s is important because this is the time, when from parental care one steps on to the world of independence. Coming to beauty care, over healthy methods, the colourful, cheap, easy-to-do makeup products tempt the young souls but ...
Ten Basic Skincare Todos To Start In Your Twenties
Important Points To Consider While Buying A Makeup Product
While buying a makeup product, it is essential to consider all the aspects of applying and using it. From bearing in mind the storage problem to knowing how it looks on your face, cosmetics should be chosen wisely. Whether you are ...
10 Grooming Products For Every Guy To Become Mantastic
It is true that most men are not interested in makeup or beauty, but all men want to be well groomed, presentable and acceptable, wherever they go. As kids, mums introduce their baby boys to soap, creams, oil, and shampoo, which ...
Ten Grooming Products For Every Guy To Become Mantastic
Must-have Hair Products For Every Working Woman In India
Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair and so many kinds of hair is what one can notice among Indian women. Though, even a decade back, mothers tried encouraging their daughters to grow the length of their hair ...
How To Shop Beauty Products Online Like A Pro
Walk into a beauty store and you can find many trained salesmen there to help you in making the right purchase. So, why do online shopping of beauty products, you ask? Well, at stores, the beauty products are priced exorbitant and ...
How To Shop Beauty Products Online Like A Pro
A Complete Guide: How To Take Care Of Your Makeup
Each one of us loves to apply makeup on the face. We apply makeup because this is one among the easy tricks that can improve our appearance and make us look beautiful and impressive. However, have you ever thought of tips ...
Things To Note While Taking Beauty Supplements
Beauty supplements, a recent invention, these days are gaining a lot of popularity around the world. These supplements claim to provide a glowing skin, healthy hair and beautiful nails. However, there are certain things you must note while buying beauty supplements, ...
Things You Should Remember While Taking Beauty Supplements
The Correct Order To Use Beauty Products
Applying your favourite beauty products can help to pamper your skin, but the order in which you apply beauty products is extremely important as well. Thanks to the Korean ritual, where layering of beauty products is taken seriously and hence we ...
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